NanoVeda has entered into the Indian market to try its luck. The home-grown brand particularizes in organic and plant-based products that will be available in the form of oral rapid dissolve strips. The brand aims on a comprehensive strategy towards health and wellbeing.

The cruelty-free brand intends to eliminate the inconvenience of traditional supplements through pills or syrups without being vulnerable to be exploited by any technology-driven technique. The union of technology and sustainable farming with its distinct product creation has made the brand remarkably great.
The brand offers a wide array of nutritious supplements – in the form of oral strips – with various flavours that are naturally gathered from fruits and vegetables without making them taste bitter. It is an unusual solution, making daily nutrition fun and easy supported with lab tested and scientific evidence-based research procedure to commercialization.

The products are created by several researchers and supervisors who have been proficient in the field of Nanotechnology and Ayurveda.

Rakshit Mehta, founder of NanoVeda stated- “Our mission is to distort the supplements market and hasten up the espousal of Nutra supplementation, for all age groups, in a pleasing, simple and modish manner. Popping in pills or taking syrups are now outdated, hence we have come up with a very creative self-dissolve nano-oral strips in delicious natural fruit flavours that makes supplements’ consumption approach more entertaining, amusing and up-to-date and of course being more efficacious due to their higher rate of being absorbed in the body.”


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