India’s fastest growing omni-channel meat retail brand, Nandu’s, becomes the first meat retail brand in the country to implement the Mystery Audit system across all its stores to ensure greater customer experience. In order to stay relevant and thrive in these challenging times, it’s vital for businesses to embrace proactive processes that can help them make more informed decisions.

Mystery audits have become a strategic way for retail companies across the globe to improve and strengthen the ever-evolving needs of customers and also cater to the safety and hygiene angle. Nandu’s, India’s largest hyperlocal and omni-channel meat brand, is the only meat retail brand in India to adopt the key business solution for real-time customer feedback.

The Bengaluru-based poultry brand announced the appointment of HS Brands Global (Australia) for conducting monthly mystery audits across its 43 retail outlets in the city. Since March 2020, Nandu’s has doubled its sales, with retail stores accounting for 60 per cent of the company revenue.

Narendra Pasuparthy, CEO, Nandu’s said, “Being a fully-integrated and farm-to-fork operations, Nandu’s has witnessed tremendous customer response, consistently, over the last seven months. As hygiene, health and safety took centre stage, we saw an increasing number of consumers shift from local butchery shops to trusted meat brands. We decided to partner with HS Brands Global for the mystery audits so that we can keep a pulse on what our customers want. In India, mystery audits, especially in the meat retail business, may be a novel concept, but they have been proven to offer valuable customer insights in many parts of the globe. At Nandu’s, we take pride in being a neighbourhood meat brand that is disrupting one of the most underserved markets in India. Our vision is to make healthy and hygienic meat – free from hormones, steroids, antibiotics, and any form of growth promoters – accessible to all.”

Recently, Nandu’s also launched a unique customer loyalty program to incentivise repeat customers, while leveraging the power of loyal clientele. As the first-ever meat retail brand in India to successfully deploy Net Promoter Score (NPS) to gain valuable insights into customer experience, Nandu’s is paving the way for greater technology adoption in the meat retail space.

“Retail is evolving and technology can help retailers deliver the experience that modern-day consumers expect,” noted Pasuparthy. “Technology plays a critical role in ensuring that customers have a delightful shopping experience. Thanks to customer relationship management (CRM) tools, the moment a customer walks into our store or shops for our products online, we connect beyond a transactional level. We not only address the customer by his/her name, but also try to customise our offerings based on their unique preferences,” he further added.

India’s leading poultry brand, Nandu’s operates on an omni-channel model that includes retail as well as home delivery services via the company’s e-commerce website, app, call centre orders as well as e-commerce marketplaces.

BOX: What is mystery audit?

  • Mystery audit, as the name suggests, is a confidential assessment of the quality of services by independent evaluators to allow unbiased, objective opinion that matches that of the company’s client base.
  • Individuals hired by an empanelled vendor visit the store posing as customers and evaluate the company’s performance under various parameters.
  • The idea is to gather critical information that will give businesses better insight on the effectiveness of their customer service. The review also includes notes on employee interactions as well as potential dishonesty and policy violations.
  • The measurement of specific behaviour-based performance metrics, such as customer experience, customer service, and compliance can help decode a company’s overall brand experience. The data needs to be thoroughly analysed and contextualised so that it can be used as a foundation to ask the right questions that lead to strategic decisions.


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