Telangana is now taking major steps in development of SEZs and Food processing units. Telangana CM, K Chandrasekhar Rao on Thursday said that there is a need to strain out negative attitude among the banking sector and requested NABARD-( National bank for agricultural and rural development) to aid agricultural activities and help country to achieve the self reliant motive.
“There is a need for a major shift in the negative attitude that the agriculture is not profitable, but in reality, the sector is an essential part of the Indian livelihood and its economy.” Said K C Rao.
Statement was made by CM during a meeting with representatives of NABARD. Rao said, “Along with the regulated farming, the agriculture produce should be turned into consumer goods by value addition and this would bring in more profits. Hence the farmers should be encouraged to go in for community farming. Supply machines to farmers so that they can process the food grains and sell them. This is precisely the reason why the Telangana state government has decided to set up Food Processing SEZs in a big way.”
CM directed NABARD to prepare new schemes and strengthen the sector economically. He asked to set up new SEZs and food processing units in the state.
“There are 15 Crore families who are dependent on agriculture directly and several crores indirectly. It is the farmers who are feeding 135 Crore people in the country. The country should become self-reliant as far as food grains are concerned. No other country in the world is capable of feeding a vast population like our country,” said the Rao.
He asked NABARD to find out new areas to make it a SEZ and Categorize as an area for food processing units. He asked NABARD to study policies of different developed countries to devise new policy to be implemented in the state.
“The Country should be divided into Crop Colonies. Implement the change of crops method. It is not enough if the agriculture produce is increased, the cultivated produce should have suitable marketing. Otherwise one has to face the adverse conditions in the market. Along with the policy on cultivation, proper marketing strategy should be in place,” he said.
He emphasized on the problems of non availability of the labour and address the issues by mechanisation and automation.
“Sowing, reaping machines should be available in large numbers. Financial assistance and subsidies to procure these machines should also be extended,” he remarked.
He also instructed DCCB bank to look into the matter and work in the aforesaid matter.



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