February is a month devoted to love, and Myprotein is taking this chance to celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving it an unmatched wellness-themed spin. The company is requesting to all their loyal patrons to ‘Be Your Own Valentine First’ with this month’s special initiative.

Where Valentine’s Day is almost always witnessed as a special day for couples in love, the company desires to change the narrative this year by aiming on the fact that we must learn to love ourselves first and foremost, before sharing this love with partners and the world at large. And to do so, we must try to escape from our bad habits and espouse an improved lifestyle so that our healthier, younger, newer self can evolve.

Since the public always turns to leaders of the field for motivation, the company too will be toiling with their ambassadors and influencers to make public this message of loving oneself via creative ‘Love At First Scoop’ videos. The company will utilize this chance to talk about where they first realized their love for health and fitness – be it at the gym, on a sports field, playground or even a stage. Under the hashtag #breakupstories, they will also inform the followers regarding how they put a limit to their insalubrious old lifestyles, eating habits, disorders and other issues.

As a further impeus to get customers on the way to wellness, the company’s website will be hosting a lavish Valentine’s Day sale from 12th to 14th February, 2021 where buyers can get a enormous 29 % discount on purchases exceeding Rs 6,000. Also available for buying will be the newly released High Protein Bar, which amalgamates high nutrition with delectable taste. Available in a pack containing 30g of protein and 23g of carbs, this high-fibre low-sugar snack is an ideal post-workout pick-me-up.

Sparking about the campaign, Renuka Dogra, brand head of Myprotein-India informed- “Myprotein desires to bring a novel twist to this Valentine’s Day. We strive to talk regarding how investing in and loving yourself first is pivotal to real happiness and finding one’s true love in life.”


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