The festival of light, wealth and prosperity, Diwali is arriving soon. Myprotein has already put its loyal consumers in a festive mood with its newest drive and line-up of new products.

This Diwali, the brand desires to aim on ‘health as wealth’. The well-being of the country remains its topmost priority, and the brand is devoted to the belief that financing in health today will yield actual prosperity for every one of us in the coming time.

As part of the Health is Wealth Diwali drive, the brand is now coming up with five great new products ideally suited to the Indian taste buds:

•    The Whey – Mango Lassi blends the delectable taste of mangoes and the lightness of the Indian lassi, with the nutritious wholesomeness of whey. This ultra-premium whey provides 25g proteins per serving, with less than 2g of carbohydrates and 1g of fat, making it a perfect drink for our fitness fanatics.

•    IWP Masala Chai is a salute to the nation’s admiration for a cuppa. The comapany’s bestselling Impact Whey Protein is can now be availed in the localised Masala Chai flavour. Each serving offers 21g of protein, with less than 1g of carbs and 1.9g of fats, and only 103 calories. Ideal for tea lovers who are wishing to build muscle and supplement their protein.

•    The hugely acclaimed Clear Whey will now be available in a Peach Iced Tea flavour, another Indian favourite. This light and freshening health drink contains no milky taste or texture at all, and sugar content is also very low. 20g of protein would be provided per serving, a chilled glass is an ideal pick-me-up after a hot and sweaty workout.

•    The new Vegan Protein Blend in Chocolate and Mango is the brand’s respect to India’s big population with dietary limitations. Bypassing the use of milk as a source, this product provides 23g of pure plant protein. Exhibiting an enhanced taste and texture, the blend consists of a full amino acid profile, and gives only 110 calories per serving.

•    As an ideal apparatus to whip up and store these newly launched delicious drinks, the brand’s Pro Metal Shaker in black also proves to be a great option for buyers looking for a healthy item.





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