Shreyas Iyer is one of the leading sports personalities of our country and Myprotein has been popular as a leading name in sports and nutrition products across the globe. Association between the two is going to be an ideal synergy that promises to motivate our fitness enthusiast like never before.

This cricketer is an integral part of the international cricket team of our nation and has holds a number of record-breaking achievements already credited to his name thus contributing and adding to the success of the team. A widely acclaimed fitness aficionado, his strong social media presence and fan following will link and widely spread the benefits of the company as the leader in nutrition products.

Shreyas Iyer stated- “As professional athletes, we have to aim on fitness and body conditioning. It is crucial for us to be mindful of maintaining the correct levels of protein and vitamins to assist our strength training and conditioning. With Myprotein, I would become possible for me to push my body to its optimal limit with a balanced regime.”

It has always been the goal of the company to aid their customers in achieving their healthWhey Protein goals – there’s a product for every need. The wide array of products offered by the company includes a variety of protein, vitamin, and mineral supplements, healthy snacks and breakfasts, nutritional shakes and drinks, and many more. This elaborated range of health products easily makes it the first choice for players – whether they desire to increase energy pre-workout, maintain duarbility during their performance, or even assist in recovery after a rigorous training session.


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