With the festival of colours, Holi coming round the corner, Myprotein is all prepared to celebrate the true spirit of this traditional holiday with its newest campaign aimed on the concept of ‘My Holi My Whey’.

The company desires to take the theme of playing with different colours, and elaborate the concept to link it with the wide array of products and flavours, particularly in the Whey range.

Impact Whey Protein powder is has been put on offer in a rainbow of options such as Thandai, Kulfi, Chocolate, Lychee, Peach, Orange, Mango, Ice Tea, Coffee, Masala Chai and many more.

To augment the feeling of excitement associated with the festival, the company is also introducing two new products-

• The Gooey Filled Cookie is set to alter the snacking game forever. Baked to perfection with deliciously rich dough and oozing with a smooth indulgent filling, the cookies come in a packet with 20g of protein to assist you in reaching your daily protein requirement. Provides an ideal way to keep satiate your cravings and at the same time, supporting your training goals.

• The Sugar Free Sauce in a Sweet Chilli Flavour is low fat, and consists of about five calories per serving, making it a perfect low-calorie condiment to liven up healthy lunches and post-workout snacks.

Renuka Dogra, brand lead, India stated- “At Myprotein, we have faith in innovation, quality and continuous amelioration. Our customer is always at the center of any new innovation. We desire everyone to love fitness and whey protein to give nourishment their bodies just the way they love this festival of colours. Not only do we have a wide array of flavours for our Whey Protein that is sure to satisfy every customer, we also have a wide range of nutritious breakfast and snack range that will surely delight everyone.”


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