An effectual launch of their comapany just five months ago during the global COVID-19 pandemic, was the first of Mustin’s eye-striking and praise-worthy decisions. By working incessantly every day and keeping the momentum of their activities, the brand is now all set with to introduce their most exciting offerings for the festive season. Their newly created peanut butter flavours in strawberry, and vanilla are being launched for the first time in the Indian markets.

Apart from these flavours, the brand is also mingling choco peanut butter with almond crunch to their existing portfolio of lavish hearty peanut butter flavours. The aim of this launch is to deliver tastier choices to health-freaks whenever cravings attempt to get the best of them and to satiate to a wider audience that comprises customers who don’t compulsorily see peanut butter as a healthy substitute over other products available in the market.

Shashank Pacheriwal, co-founder of Mustin stated- “We’re excited about our most recent release because such flavoured peanut butter are a first time launch in India. We are much enthusiastic regarding our Mustin project and it was installed during the pandemic, so we witness this brand of ours as a gift that we’ll keep catering to our consumers by supplying innovative delicacies prepared with love and warmth. Being a homegrown brand, we’ve earned so much affection in the past few months and we couldn’t be more thrilled for what’s to come in the near future, so this new launch is our approach to play Santa and express gratitude to all our customers.”

Rutvik Shah, co-founder of Mustin declared- “This is a major step for us to be able to unveil a brand during a global epidemic and to then have a creatively fulfilling launch that releases something novel to the national market. We are toiling towards adding more treats to our of healthy snacks range for everyone to relish and get immersed in, especially as we limit ourselves to the easement of our homes. We anticipate that our new peanut butter flavours will add to the fun and salubriousness in everyone’s lives during the time of festivities.”

The brand’s vision is to deliver their customers a health-giving snack substitute with nutritional value. With all the advantages of the traditional peanut butter and an extra added bonus of deliciousness, the new flavours will undoubtedly spark up your snack time. Each product contains over 20g of protein and zero trans-fat, making it the ideal guilt-free delicacy.

Starting from 1st January 2021, the new varieties of peanut butter are available to be purchased online from the brand’s website or from major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Paytm and offline from nutritional and retail stores, supermarkets and others too.


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