Monèr is India’s first and only dessert bar and bistro that have been installed in Bandra. It is the result of Chef Freny Fernandes’ fondness for all things dessert, as well as the initiative to set up a space that’s not like anything that Mumbai has ever witnessed.

Fernandes’ insight is a vibrant bistro by day, offering a wide array of savoury treat such as- entremets, French-style petit gateaux, fresh salads and soups, and sandwiches.

However, just like a fantasy as soon as the clock bangs to 7 P.M., the space will transform into a contemporary dessert bar particularly dishing out gourmet, plated, tasteful desserts in three course or five course meals. These bold dishes will be offered with drinks that best accompany their flavours, generating an authentic symphony on your taste buds.

Relish the 5 course menu at Monèr, full with choices of desserts such as Vegan Pavlova with fresh seasonal fruits, Strawberries and Cream tart, or even savoury plates such as Ricotta Toast served on sourdough, with pickled corn, Roasted cherry tomatoes and fresh basil.

The interiors of Monèr are an ideal depiction of her way of cooking, contemporary with a hint of classic. Luxurious yet casual, this sanguine dessert bar instantly takes you to an elite New York City neighbourhood bistro, an amalgamation of leisure and magnificence. To make it an exclusively indulging experience, visitors will get a sight of Freny’s proficiency as she plates and embellishes her culinary art innovations.

Every detail has been pensively hinged and placed on the plate, with ingredients that widen the boundaries of regular desserts. For example, the dreamy Ile Flottante, floating meringue on crème anglaise, a customary Apple Tarte Tatin with a kaffir lime puff pastry base garnished with a signature lime sorbet quenelle.

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