Union Ministry of health and family welfare proposed the life time imprisionment for food adulteration in the recently propsoed document of amendment to Food Safety and Standards Act 2006.

“Any person who whether by himself or by any other person on his behalf, adds adulterants to food so as to render it injurious for human consumption with an inherent potential to cause his death or is likely to cause such harm on his body as would amount to causing grievous hurt, irrespective of the fact whether it causes actual injury or not, shall be punishable for a term which shall not be less than seven years but which may be extended to imprisonment for life and also fine which shall not be less than 10 lakh rupees,” the draft reads.

MOHFW, through FSSAI put up a notice on 18th october and opened a window of 30 days for suggestions and feedbacks.

Titled as Food Safety and Standards (Amendment) Bill, 2006 seeks suggestions on all the new additions in the bill be it on imprisionment and other possessions.

Albeit, representatives across the industries are not feeling it quite well in their boxes, and are asking to liberalise the date for filing.

Also, in recent regulation, Union Government sworn in as the controller of the animal husbandry and animal feed segments.



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