The US-based manufacturer of the My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream brand has announced that it has stepped into into a “strategic partnership” with local private-equity company named Bregal Partners.

The Mochi Ice Cream Co., and its majority possessor Lakeview Capital, revealed a “closing of a financing” in collaboration with New York-based Bregal, which is aimed towards financing in middle-market firms within the consumer and food sectors.

Details of the amount invested and the present status of the stakes in the business held by the pertinent parties have not been made public yet.

Lakeview financed in The Mochi Ice Cream Co. earlier in 2020, breaking off the regulations of the business from Century Park Capital Partners. Los Angeles-based Mochi’s signature brand can be availed from over 30,000 retail stores across the US. Mochi is a delectable dessert prepared by wrapping flavoured ice-creams in sweet rice dough.

“Our goal is similar to that of Lakeview and Bregal. Jointly with our partners, we are thrilled to establish a foremost global branded snack business and continue to impede the frozen novelty and snack markets through our newer product innovation,” stated Craig Berger, CEO of The Mochi Ice Cream Co.
Charles Yoon, the ging partner at Bregal Partners informed- “We have kept with the My/Mo Mochi’s splendid success story over the last several years and are excited to having got the golden chance to work in collaboration with the company, its knowledgable management team and its owners and assist in continuing the impetus behind this distinct and creative snack business”.

“Jake Freeman, director of investments at Lakeview Capital declared- “Given their concentration and expertized skill in scaling middle-market food and branded products firms, we feel that they [Bregal Partners] are the correct collaborators for us for this next chapter of growth of My/Mo Mochi.”


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