MM Originals from the house of Mezhukkattil Mills has unveiled a unique ‘coconut paste’ for the first time in India. With this launch, the company has stepped into the (Business-to-consumer) B2C segment under the brand name ‘MM Originals’ after successfully catering to more than 22 global brands in the (Business-to-business) B2B segment.

The uncommon, ready to use product opens up numerous possibilities of including coconut in your diet in the most simple and hassle-free manner. The product assists the homemakers to save a lot of their cooking time without the chores behind coconut. The product is a paste form of coconut made with inherently present virgin coconut oil which makes it both easy to use and nutritious to consume. The paste like consistency aids the product to blend with any complex recipe. The product can be used to substitute the usage of coconut the form of grate, grind, or milk and even in the roasted form in the recipes.

Recently, Minister of Agriculture, V S Sunil Kumar had started the first sale of MM Originals Coconut Paste. “This quirky initiative offers value added products of coconut without any preservative or additives for the consumers. Extensive marketing of coconuts from Kerala in India and International market will only benefit the farmers of our region and help in achieving superior profit and value. Anticipating better and competitive deals in the near future,” he stated.

Ubais Ali, executive director, Mezhukkattil Mills asserted- “The launch of the product is the consequence of years of investment in the research and development, to make coconut utilization in food universal and accessible for all to gain its goodness with zero artificial flavours, preservatives or antioxidants. In this simple form, conscientious qualities of coconut are preserved with our patented technologies in the field of coconut products.”

Two variants of the product, plain and roasted coconut paste are made available, offering flexibility in usage. This one of its kind product comes in a sustainable and easily squeezable package and has a shelf life of up to 1 year with no requirement for refrigeration. The product is 100% natural with the goodness of five coconuts in each packet. Since it is a no water content product, it needs to be added only a little to the dishes during preparations which makes it a real value for money product and a new kitchen essential. The products can be purchased from major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart and all major retail stores.

M.B. Muhammedali- managing partner, Mezhukkattil Mills, M.B. Koyakutty- founder partner, Mezhukkattil Mills, Ubais Ali- executive director, Mezhukkattil Mills and Sandhya Kumar- chef and recipe consultant, Mezhukkattil Mills attended the inaugural event.


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