Mitsubishi Chemical Group announces that it has decided to increase its annual production capacity of SoarnoL™ ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH) resin by 21,000 tons in the United Kingdom. The production increase is slated to take effect in July 2025.

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In addition, multilayer films containing SoarnoL™ are certified as highly recyclable in combination with MCG’s recycling compatibilizer Soaresin™*. With increasing needs for eco-friendly products, MCG anticipates solid growth in global demand for SoarnoL™ in the coming years.

Positioning healthcare & life science as one of the most important strategic focus under the new management policy “Forging the future,” which was announced in December 2021, MCG will continue to contribute to a sustainable food supply by developing and promoting food packaging materials and other high performance materials.

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The Mitsubishi Chemical Group’s SoarnoL™ ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH) resins, with an ethylene content ≥ 29mol% can be considered as recycling compatible for polyethylene film recycling. In combination with Soaresin™ RG500 it can be considered as valuable material for polyethylene film recycling. Even if a multilayer packaging film contains 15 weight percentage (wt%) SoarnoL, it can be fully recycled if it contains at least 30wt% Soaresin RG500 to SoarnoL.

This has been confirmed by the Institute cyclos-HTP GmbH, an independent European test laboratory. The tests were carried out according to their official method, the Recycling Compatibility Test for LDPE flexible Packaging (CHI-C8-PEF-1) and the Blown-Film Application Tests PE-based (CHI-C8-BFPE). The certified compatibility of the examined SoarnoL in combination with Soaresin RG500 in the waste stream of flexible packaging applies to both injection molding and film to film recycling.

SoarnoL is the trade name of EVOH resins based on the Mitsubishi Chemical Group’s proprietary technology. Thanks to its superior gas barrier properties, it is used predominantly in food packaging applications. Soaresin RG500 is a special recycling compatibilizer designed for use in EVOH multilayer packaging.

“We are confident the results obtained from the recycling test at the Institute cyclos-HTP GmbH can extend the potential applications of SoarnoL in sustainable packaging and hereby contribute to a circular economy”, said Domenico de Angelis, head of sales & marketing packaging Europe, BU Polymers at the Mitsubishi Chemical Group in Europe. “The test results also provide evidence that SoarnoL in coextruded structures with sufficiently polyethylene tie layer and Soaresin RG500 are both fully recyclable, even if the content of SoarnoL is more than 5wt% , which is the current threshold limit according to European design for recycling guidelines.”


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