The Mother Mirra Goup of Companies was established by Mr. S. Subramanian. The Mother Mirra Group is a devotee of the spiritual mother in Pondicherry. Mirra’s is a new initiative of the Mother Mirra Group of Companies. Mirras coffee has its root in the house of the first Asian planter in Asia.

Mother Mirra Group of Companies have over 50 years of passion and experience in a coffee plantation and all their plantations are named Mother Mirra Coffee Plantations (P) Ltd. They are specialized in Filter Coffee Powder retail as well as a wholesale market.

Till now, The Mirras Group of Companies sells filter coffee in Chennai and Coimbatore only but now diversifying its footprints to Hyderabad, Karnataka, and Kerala.

Sunder Subramanian, the Managing Director stated that the group would intensify to Mumbai and Delhi during the coming financial year and plans to set up at least 100 kiosks in Tamil Nadu, including at the Chennai airport, by this year, he informed.

Online sales of Mirras coffee increased by double and institutional sales were at the top during the lockdown period. The company was exporting its products to Singapore and New Zealand, he declared. Mirras has also included estate products such as spices and wood-pressed oils in its portfolio.

With a catchphrase of Asia’s first coffee planter, Mirras, with 175 acres of coffee estates in Coorg and Sakleshpur in Karnataka, is planning to expand its plantation in the state with 100 more acres of land in the coming future.

With normal production of 30-40 tons per month, Mirras, with a production potential of a ton per hour, would augment the production in compliance with the demand.


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