Minebea Intec has introduced the WPL-A, the first automatic weigh-price labelling system. The labelling solution dispenses an ideal and complete package for customers in the food industry. It offers weighing, pricing, labelling and product traceability in a single package.

It is the most trustable, versatile and easy-to-use solution for high-speed labelling applications with a very compact footprint and intuitive software. Designed in compliance with hygienic design guidelines, it is pre-destined for use in all the segments of the food industry and scores with well-thought-out design details and smart features.

Major features of this innovative solution include –

1. Saves time and space: How the WPL-A optimizes the labelling process.

The WPL-A price labelling system attracts first of all with its modular design: this enables easy adaptation to the customer’s needs, who has to pay only for what he actually needs. The construction materials are ideally suited to the requirements of the food industry’: Stainless steel and construction following hygienic design guidelines permit quick and easy cleaning, translating into a savings potential for cleaning costs. The material is particularly resistant because of the IP 65 protection class, and additional parts like the belt run can be removed for cleaning if necessary. Its interoperability rounds off the system: open interfaces aid in quick and easy integration into production and flawless communication with other devices.

2. Easy to use Labelling solution with several customization options.

The WPL-A also goes well with intuitive user guidance. The 19-inch touchscreen allows easy operation through comprehensible icon language: important production data, statistics, and currently created labels are displayed visually appealing on the screen. Label printing is done through up to four configurable printer options: The printers can apply labels to the product from above or below and support the labelling of common packaging variants such as C-wrap or full-wrap. The product sensors in the unit are capable of handling light-coloured or transparent products and packaging too.

Coming to printing technology,in Minebea Intec the customers are free to choose between direct thermal printing or thermal transfer ribbon, in case the products are heat-sensitive.

3. High-speed printing can be attributed to the state-of-the-art technology.

Labels can be customized via Nexus Label Design software with a number of options to ensure that it is in line with the global guidelines: nutritional information, BIS, fonts, symbols or even 2D barcodes or GS1 symbols are available for label printing.

The price labelling system is also in accordance with all current legal regulations that are significant for operation in the food industry: The WPL-A has been given approval according to NWCM NTEP (National Type Evaluation Program) and MID (Measuring Instruments Directive). Furthermore, there is an E-Mark software module that promises the printing of statistical data. In order to make sure that the products remain traceable, each label is identified by a unique pack number, batch, user and machine ID, which can be transferred to ERP systems via open protocols.

The WPL-A satisfies with high-speed printing of up to 125 labels per minute. This has been possible by the use of advanced print compression technologies.

Sara Vivanco, product manager of Minebea Intec stated- “With the WPL-A, we are diversifying our portfolio for the food industry. Apart from the high-precision inspection solutions and the WPL-S manual labelling system, we now deliver a solution that runs the automation process in the food industry. Many-a-times, customers only have the choice between a manual labelling solution that takes a lot of time or an automated solution with complicated operation. With our newly launched product, we unify the best of both worlds: A high-speed solution that also grants user convenience at all levels.”


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