Mighty Foods, a food-tech plant based protein company, has unveiled a range of delicious plant-based protein products in its first phase of retail launch in Mumbai.

The product range comprises of a wide variety of easy-to-cook recipes such as Mighty Plant Fish Curry, Turkish Seekh Kebab, Dreamy Dimsums, Supreme Chilli Basil Spring Roll, Mighty Burger Patty, Mighty Plant Prawns in Black Pepper Sauce, Signature Kheema Samosa, Mighty Plant Kheema Bao, Grilled Plant Fish, Mighty Plant Kheema, Lucknowi Gulaoti Kebabs, Loaded Spinach Quesadilla and Mighty Plant Prawns in Thai Curry.

These newly-launched ready-to-cook frozen foods items are all artisanal and handcrafted. Compared to a majority of plant-based products in the market, Mighty Foods do not use any preservatives, are tasty as well and loaded with high-quality protein extracted from Green Gram, Chickpeas, Soya and Peas.

Besides being cholesterol-free, the new products from Mighty Foods are rich in protein, amino acids and dietary fiber. They contain fewer allergens and lower GI distress triggering agents. The taste and texture of these ready-to-cook plant-based protein products resemble their non-veg counterparts. Consumers can order these plant-based protein products from the website of Mighty Foods.

Commenting on launch, Dibyendu Bindal, Founder & CEO, Mighty Foods, said, “Over  course of time, we look to establish and reimagine a category of fast-plant protein where people who crave fast food can consume them absolutely guilt-free. Add to that, we’ve always looked to make people eat tasty food that sees them adhere to their daily protein requirements. This will help in the number of protein-deficient individuals drastically reducing.”

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He further added, “The products come in a smart tamper proof packaging with all requisite ingredients for a perfect meal. Every step is mentioned in a clear cut and self-explanatory manner in the ‘How to cook’ section.”


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