Mettler-Toledo, a global leader in precision instruments and complementary software solutions, is pleased to announce a dynamic live webinar event titled “Operational Excellence through Digitalization.” Taking place on 5th October 2023 at 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM BST, the educational webinar and open debate is ideal for food and beverage manufacturers looking to find out how digitalization can enhance their business.

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During this impactful session, attendees will listen as industry experts uncover the transformative potential of digitalization within the food and beverage industry. The 20-minute presentation will be followed by an interactive 20-minute expert panel discussion and open debate with the audience. The speakers will deep dive into the intricate facets of digital transformation and its role in achieving operational excellence.

This webinar explores how to unlock the potential of digitalization for operational excellence in the food and beverage industry, enhancing key performance metrics. Presenters will deliver expert insights for effective digital transformation and acknowledge its complexities, stemming from site-specific factors such as personnel, devices, IT infrastructure and enterprise systems. The challenges of digital transformation, including diverse suppliers, devices and change resistance are also explored.

Navigating this landscape, the panelists and presenters will discuss how to simplify the complexity of digitalization through strategic partnerships, seamless integration and holistic collaboration. They will stress the value of engaging business partners who offer more than just technical solutions. The control and monitoring aspects of operational and information technologies across various sectors of the industry will also be discussed.

Presenting this insightful webinar is Ian Scott-Mance, a seasoned industry expert known for his leadership as a Digitalization Project Manager and Fadi Homsi, Head of Global Key Accounts for Mettler-Toledo. Both presenters have a wealth of experience in the industry. Ian has coordinated and led a number of global digitalization projects that have empowered clients to harness the power of data, device connectivity and digital compliance.

The webinar will focus on the following:

Exploring Current Industry Drivers: Gain insights into the driving forces behind digital transformation and its potential impact on the food and beverage sector

Identifying Areas for Improvement: Understand how digitalization can revolutionize key operational areas, improving processes and elevating performance metrics

Overcoming Digital Transformation Barriers: Explore the challenges often faced during digitalization journeys and learn strategies to navigate and overcome them

Expert Panel Discussion: Engage with a panel of distinguished experts, each renowned in their respective fields. Alongside Ian, will be:
Fadi Homsi, Head of Global Key Account Management at Mettler-Toledo, bringing a unique perspective on digitalization and its practical implementation
Gunnar Danielson, Head of Global Software Solutions and LabX Business Development at Mettler-Toledo, offering insights gained through his extensive involvement in digital transformation projects within the food and beverage sector
Maximiliano Moreira, Business Development Manager, specializing in assisting food companies in their digital transformation journey
Holger Schmidt, Global Industry Manager with a 30-year background in mechanical engineering and automation and well-versed in the realities of modern food processing plants

This webinar is an opportunity for CEOs, Operations Managers, Change Management Agents, Quality Assurance Managers, IT specialists and Production and Packaging professionals to gain actionable insights and navigate the complexities of digital transformation.

Register now to secure your spot and to better understand how digitalization is an important step in achieving operational excellence in the food and beverage industry. To register for the webinar: click here or visit


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