Global manufacturer of metal detectors, checkweighers & X-Ray Inspection equipment, Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection is racing ahead in the Indian Market this time with its recently released unique range of smart product inspection solutions that are aimed at not only fulfilling the safety requirements of food processors, but also boosting their productivity.

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In an exclusive conversation with Claus from Food Infotech, Siddharth Kachroo, Head of Sales, Product Inspection, Mettler-Toledo India Pvt. Ltd. shared more details on the company’s recently introduced solutions along with their key features, including discussing in detail on the improvements that have been carried out by the company in their recently launched series of metal detection systems, as well as their future plans.

Edited Excerpts Below:
Would you please begin by sharing with us briefly about the recent smart product inspection technologies that Mettler-Toledo has introduced for the food manufacturers in the Indian Market and how are they expected to boost their productivity?

• This year we launched the X2 Series, a range of high-performing x-ray systems.
• At the show, the X12 x-ray inspection system is showcased and forms part of this range.
• The X12 boosts manufacturing productivity as it goes beyond contaminant detection to improve product quality and enhance brand protection.
• The X12 forms part of the newly launched X2 Series, a range of high-performing x-ray systems, to help enhance product safety at an incredible price point for all food manufacturers. Launched at Interpack in May 2023, x-ray inspection is now accessible for all budgets, offering manufacturers software that is designed to last longer and perform better. The X12 system delivers superior foreign body detection for a wide range of contaminants, including glass, metal, mineral stone, calcified bone, dense plastic and rubber compounds whilst simultaneously completing a number of quality control and integrity checks. Ideal for single-lane inspection of small to medium-sized packages, the X12 features the HiGain detector which generates sharper images to deliver outstanding contaminant detection.

Can you let us know in detail about the key features brought in by your company in your recently introduced X12 X-ray Inspection System and how is it expected to help in ensuring increased product safety?

• Mettler-Toledo ContamPlus™ x-ray inspection software algorithms enhance detection capabilities for a wide range of contaminants.
• Simultaneously, the X12 performs a wide range of valuable in-line quality checks of both the product and pack, such as counting components.
• The quality checks help to uphold brand integrity and protect the consumer from substandard product.
• Not just product safety but operator safety too:
o It has been designed to the highest global safety standards, including those specified by the European Union (CE) and USA (FDA), to minimize the risks of injury to operators.
o Fail-safe interlocks inside access doors, and hand sensors in infeed/outfeed areas will shut the machine down when activated.
o Reduced cleaning time with easy front opening to access the system.
o The X12 also features radiation protection of <1uSv/h to help keep operators safe.
• The system can be connected to Mettler-Toledo ProdX™ data management software, giving users access to a range of digital productivity and security benefits.

Please tell us what improvements have been carried out in your recently released range of metal detection systems? Additionally, how are you ensuring the reliability and accuracy of the results when it comes to inspection of various products?

• This year we launched a new software update for our M30 R-Series metal detection systems;
• The highly innovative SENSE™ software offers increased metal detection security and performance capabilities at an affordable price;
• It also addresses multiple food safety regulations and standards facing manufacturers all over the world;
• At the show, we are showcasing the M31R system which provides high sensitivity to detect metal contaminants in dry or wet products;
o As an entry level metal detection model, the M31R is an ideal choice for manufacturers requiring food safety compliance.
o Its future-proof modular design means can be easily upgraded as and when requirements change.
• Advanced metal detection systems, such as the M30 R-Series ensure the reliability and accuracy of the results by using a combination of multi-simultaneous frequency operation and software algorithms to optimise performance and reduce the possibility of false rejects.
• The technology will also result in the system having the right level of sensitivity to pick up signals from very small metal contaminants, irrespective of the application and provide the highest level of brand protection.

With India being a price sensitive market, in what ways has Mettler-Toledo planned to penetrate the market with its range of solutions or rather what are your market penetration strategies as on date?

• As with most businesses in the current climate, economic uncertainty is a challenge facing all service providers globally. We understand that sudden or consistent downturns or fluctuations in exchange rates can impact consumers and that is why we work hard to deliver products that will stand the test of time, at varying price points to suit all manufacturers’ needs.
• Our X2 Series has been launched to be accessible to manufacturers irrespective of budget.
• X12 is an entry level x-ray inspection system for manufacturers.
• We also offer combination inspection technologies, integrating several inspection technologies in one space-saving device to help with cost-savings and maximise productivity. To ensure that the combination inspection solutions are best adapted to the needs of individual customer requirements, standardised components can be combined with different technologies as required.

Please share with us a little more on the kind of service support that Mettler Toledo has to offer for its customers today, since food safety is a serious matter that involves consumer safety?

• Manufacturers can boost their productivity with our smart service solutions which consistently help to increase uptime and maximise equipment performance.
• This takes the shape of test before you invest, remote support, augmented reality, tiered installation offerings, etc.
• Service options are customisable depending on the needs of a production line/manufacturer e.g. different shift patterns, etc.

Finally, would you let us know your future plans?

• We want to continue to be a market-leading provider of smart product inspection solutions worldwide and to support our customers to achieve their product safety and quality standards as well as compliance goals. We will continue to focus on developing our innovations and technologies as our customers are always at the centre of everything we do. Our aim is to continue to help them to boost productivity, reduce waste, avoid product recalls and comply with food safety regulations, while protecting their end consumer against substandard products.
• To achieve these goals, we plan to continue investing in research and development, expand our product portfolio and leverage our global network to reach new customers and markets.
• Also, we will be exhibiting on booth B-4 at Dairy Industry Expo 2023, one of India’s largest dairy farming and processing events in Pune, 27 – 29 October 2023.
• We also host educational webinars such as “Operational Excellence through Digitalization”.
o  Taking place on 5th October 2023 at 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM BST, the educational webinar and open debate is ideal for food and beverage manufacturers looking to find out how digitalization can enhance their business.


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