TenderCuts the leader in meat delivery has raised its longtime associates Sasikumar Kallanai, Varun Prasad Chandran, and Venkkatesan R as co-founders of the company. Company founder and CEO Nishanth Chandran made the most significant move at a time when the company envisions rapid expansion of retail across the country.

The three who have led different branches of the company have led several important projects and will now be involved in shaping the future.

Sasikumar K, the Commercial Director who has become a Retail Human Resources Professional, started his job at TenderCuts in 2016 and was promoted to CBO in 2019. He currently leads new market expansions, projects and human resources. He has been an integral part of the company’s management team since its inception and is one of the key drivers for the company’s expansion into different cities.

Varun Prasad Chandran, Chief Technology Officer, joined the company in 2016 as Chief Technology Officer. to the end customer.

Venkkatesan, chief operating officer, joined the company in 2018 as Head of Operations and Marketing at a pivotal moment as the company emerged as the first Omni Channel Meat & Sea Food brand in India. He has been credited with creating and growing the business 10 times over the past 3 years.

Speaking on the appointments, Nishanth Chandran, Founder and CEO, said, “Each of them brings immense knowledge and experience from different spheres to make significant changes in the company. Their contribution has been exceptional throughout, and they have played a major role in the success of the brand. We look forward to continuing our strong working relationship as they take up as Co-founders of TenderCuts.”


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