McDonald’s India – North & East, owned and managed by Connaught Plaza Restaurants, has released digital menu boards in its restaurants as a part of its restaurant reframing plan.

Focussed at improvising the customer experience at the time of ordering, the company is all set to craft a unique sensory experience using realistic imagery and enchanting high definition visuals of its distinct tasting menu items, allowing the customers to choose their favourite items more conveniently and instantly.

Commenting on release of digital menu boards, Robert Hunghanfoo, head of Connaught Plaza Restaurants Pvt. Ltd, which manages McDonald’s restaurants in North and East India (CPRL) stated- “At McDonald’s, we consider that creating good food moments needa capturing our customer’s creativity through show and tell format. Our customers spend significant time peeping at the menu boards before confirming their order and make a big difference in what and how they order, making it a vital part of our customer interaction. We are anticipating that this experience would be improved.”

With pace and efficacy already an inseparable part of its experience, the brand is now entwining digital technology throughout its business operations to boost the overall guest experience. The digital menu boards come after its recent modification of 100% contactless ordering that permits customers to order and make payment beyond the front counter.

Sanjeev Agrawal, development licensee, CPRL declared- “This is just the initiation of our digital journey, there are several more components that we are thinking of adding in the future to offer an international McDonald’s experience to our customers.”

With establishment of this innovative display, the company will present dazzling and eye-catching animations of its menu items on LED monitors. The new digital displays are also Energy Star validated supporting its determination to environmental sustainability while assisting the business lower operating costs.

Moreover, as a dedication to quality and safety in the current times, McDonald’s India – North and East has launched the Global ‘Safety+’ programme that involves nearly 50-plus process alterations in the restaurant functions. Safety+ is a global system of improved hygiene and safeguarding practices that aids to make sure that every part of the experience is flawless for its customers and staffs. It relies on more than six decades of safety-first leadership in its restaurant chains.




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