McCain global Connoisseur of frozen foods products has got some role shuffling excercies recently. McCain India’s managing director is promoted, will be handling the pan-Asian job. Vikas Mittal, who was handling the business in India has now been given with roles of Coordination in South Asia, Korea, Taiwan.

This came as a complementary promotion, Mittal saved the company and worked highly on loss management during the course of pandemic and levelled the loss firm incurred.

Mittal said that the growth in the retail business has accelerated with increased in-home consumption; we also expect the out-of-home business to be at last the year’s level in the next couple of quarters and added that while packaged foods companies reported a double-digit surge in in-home consumption during peak lockdown months, sales have normalized over the past two quarters with reopening of restaurants, hotels, and offices.

Mittal said going forward, the company is accelerating investments in digital technology, safety systems, reducing carbon footprint, employee and community engagement.

It’s natural that retail growth will slow down as consumers start eating out but we are confident that new occasions and users we have acquired in the past six to nine months will stick, allowing retail growth to sustain,” Mittal said.

McCain India is a subsidiary of Wholly-owned Canada based business firm having expertise in various in-home snacks and supper supplies.



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