When everything is highly in clench of pandemic and finding it diffficult to breed well and expand, some firms and companies are taking centre stage with their brave moves. In the same streak, Masala kitchen, a north Indian authentic delivery kitchen has floored 4 new outlets. Pandemic has shown another face to it, but company backed itself up to thrive more and serve more especially for its patrons.

Customers are compelled to be at home and enjoy in isolation, Masala kitchen strategise in different way putting 3 Cloud kitchens that are meant for take away and home delivery only without compromising the gastronomic experience it showers in dine-in facility. The Masala Story offers premium and authentic north Indian cuisine including freshly cooked dum biryani, kebab, phirni and more at its Haryana and Delhi outlets.

Masala kitchen stands out in its innovative and antique approach of cooking in earthen pots and using antique as well as old techniques of cooking. The cooking habit, adding majorly to easily Gulpable and digestible servings is also packed in personalised earthen pots and delivered in curated packages.The packaging also serves as a sustainable approach to the environment.

In this adverse time of pandemic, restaurant has to deal with some hardships nonetheless operating effectively with full of zeal to cling upto the utmost safety and hand hygiene among the food makers.

The delivery kitchen adds additional sanitary and social distancing requirements like checking temperature, sanitising the kitchen etc.

Manav Deep Singh, co-founder of The Masala Story, said, “We opened our delivery kitchen right before the pandemic. Hence this urged us to strategise as per the given situation. We aim to provide delicious North Indian cuisine with utmost safety to our customers and the environment. We tend to use traditional handis as it gives our customers the royal feel without causing any mess.”


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