Mars Petcare, the world’s major pet food company, has unveiled a new advertising campaign advocating Pedigree’s small dog pet food range in India. The new 15 second advertising campaign promotes the idea of feeding the right food to the small dogs. This ad camp has been conceptualized with the tagline ‘small dogs, live large’.

The film begins with a small dog bucking up to attack a large bear in a wild forest set up. The dog runs towards the bear to pounce and defeat it with all his strength and bravery. The ad then turns towards the suspense where the small dog is attempting to defeat the bear in his imagination and in reality is enjoying his playtime with his own furry soft toy. The film concludes with the owner feeding him the right food.

These new variants are suitable for puppies and adults of small breeds. These products are ideal for toy-sized to small dogs such as cocker spaniels, chihuahuas, pugs, beagles, and dachshunds that weigh up to 15 kg.

As per a Nielsen report, about 66% of small and medium dogs are adopted in India, thus incrementing the scope of specific pet food to be largely available for their consumption. Small dogs are fussy eaters and eat tiny meal proportions with their tightly-packed teeth.

Nevertheless, they need more energy for growth and development. Keeping this in mind, the brand has introduced its specially prepared food for small dogs to offer distinct nutritional value in adequate sizes for their mouths. It enables them to chew easily and bestows complete nutrition simultaneously.

Puppy small dog food variants are relevant for furry companions under the age of one year. They are now available for purchase in lamb flavour, enriched with milk and infused with 23 vitamins and minerals. These include extra protein content, calcium, vitamin E and DHA, which assist in rapid body and brain development, metabolism and natural defense against diseases. They also give strength to bones and teeth.

The adult small dog food variants are preferable for dogs between 1-9 years of age. They come with a number of nutrients such as omega 6, zinc, linoleic acid and high-quality protein. Kibbles help to improve oral health to keep dogs active and agile, healthy skin and coats and healthy bones and muscles. In addition, the kibble is multi-coloured to add amusement to mealtimes and create a reinforced bond with pet parents.

Ganesh Ramani, general manager, Mars Petcare India stated- “Dogs, from a very young age, need to be fed food according to their size and nutritional requirements. Keeping in mind the rapid growth and development that takes place in the initial life stages of pets, we need to provide variants best suited to provide vital nutrients and minerals. We are delighted to announce the launch of Pedigree’s small dog pet food for puppies and adults in India. These are bite-sized, easily chewable, come in many colours and are packed with vital nutrients and minerals. They are manufactured in flavours such as lamb and chicken and with milk and vegetables to give complete health to pets from a very young age and improve their wellbeing.”


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