Mars Petcare has unveiled its dog food brand named Chappi in India. It delivers food for both puppies and adult dogs. Chicken and Milk for puppies comprises of Vitamin E to aid in natural defence, dietary fibre to take care of digestive health and Ca and P to assist in keeping the bones and teeth healthy. Chicken and Rice for adult dogs possesses vitamins and minerals to help in natural defence, dietary fibre to maintain digestive health and quality proteins to nurture healthy muscles.
For puppies, pet owners can choose either a 3 kg or 8 kg pack of Chicken and Milk. For adult dogs, Chicken and Rice available in a 3 kg, 8 kg or 20 kg bag can be purchased. Full of nutrients, these affordable dog meals will be available in the country across pet stores and major e-market platforms.

Dog food is prepared by vets and nutritionists at Waltham Centre, a global predominant authority on pet care and nutrition. It abides by all dog nutritional requirements specified by the National Research Council (2006), the U.S. National Academy of Science. The manufacturing processes are also in line with the safety guidelines of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). It is comprehensive and balanced diet as it is specially enriched with the vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre required by dogs to remain healthy and jolly. It consists of an ideal balance of nutrients as per the suggestions of the NRC (National Research Council).

Ganesh Ramani, general manager of MARS Petcare India stated- “As per the Euromonitor, commercial dog food witnessed current value growth of 18% in 2020 reaching INR 2500 crores. With the increment in the number of adoption of pets and our goal to sneak into smaller towns, we see a chance to diversify our product portfolio in the Economy segment.  MARS Petcare has faith in offering the best nutrition for pets and is thus very thrilled for the establishment of Chappi, our dog food brand in India. We will be providing products for both Puppies and adult dogs and these meals will be available in 3kg, 8kg and 20kg packets. We are stepping into a new price segment that will allow pet parents to concentrate on nutrition without any compromise.”


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