Marlow Ingredients (the newly formed subsidiary of Marlow Foods), the owner of the market-leading Quorn® brand, has formed a pioneering partnership with revolutionary food startup Tempty Foods, which was founded at Danish Technical University.

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Tempty Foods, the first Danish firm to introduce mycoprotein-based products, will be the first producer to employ Marlow mycoprotein, the super protein already used in more over 100 Quorn branded meat alternatives.

“We have signalled our intention to empower other, like-minded producers to join us in using Marlow mycoprotein as we strive to make it easier for people across the globe to eat more sustainably and to play their part in tackling climate change,” says Tom Lindley, Head of Strategy and Marketing at Marlow Ingredients.

“We’re delighted that Tempty Foods is the first of what we believe will be many food and beverage manufacturers to recognise the huge potential of our mycoprotein and its many sustainable and nutritional benefits.”

Martina Lokajova, CEO and Co-founder of Tempty Foods, added, “The introduction of Marlow mycoprotein into our products will give us a sustainable and competitive edge. It will also empower us to continue creating next generation alternatives that focus on the key values of taste and nutrition, rather than imitating meat.”

The Tempty Foods brand is now available in Denmark’s foodservice industry, allowing chefs to create delicious, sustainable meals. Tempty Foods will benefit from the partnership with Marlow Ingredients by accelerating growth and expanding into new channels and markets.

The collaboration between Marlow Ingredients and Tempty Foods comes on the heels of an announcement in April this year that Marlow mycoprotein would be made available to other food and beverage makers through the newly established division. The move is part of Marlow Food’s goal of being a net positive business by 2030 and providing 8 billion servings of mycoprotein in that year – one for every person on the earth.

Facts about the future food: Mycoprotein

Marlow mycoprotein is naturally high in protein. It contains all nine essential amino acids, is low in saturated fat, and supplies a variety of vitamins and minerals.


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