Mane Group, a global manufacturer of fragrance and flavors from France, has announced an investment of EUR 23 million (more than Rs 190 crores) in the two new facilities that comprise its second and largest manufacturing unit for fragrance and flavors in Gujarat, and the advanced  in Hyderabad – as reported in indianretailer.

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With its first manufacturing facility in Hyderabad and an employee size of 250, Mane India Pvt. Ltd, the fully owned subsidiary of Mane Group, has been operational in India since 2003. The company has invested EUR 20 million to commence a 20,500-square-foot manufacturing unit in Dahej, Gujarat that will cater to India and APAC regions.

The initial production capacity of the plant is 2,000 tons for flavor and 3,000 tons for fragrance; with sufficient scope to expand as the market grows in the future. With an investment of EUR 3 Million, the most advanced Innovation Centre in Hyderabad, spread across 13,901 square feet, comprises an in-house Kitchen (Culinary) and a Chef who especially takes care of culinary food applications.

“As a leading fragrance and flavors company in the world, we continuously look ahead to address the ever-growing demand for those innovations in the FMCG that have demonstrated product superiority. Mane India, together with India, aspires to become the world’s leading fragrance and flavors manufacturer by powering the FMCG innovations in the APAC region. Mane will position itself as a critical player in enhancing the FMCG value chain in the region as we provide solutions to our customers through our collective, unique technical skills and mass-producing capabilities,” commented Jean Mane, Chairman, Mane Group.

“We are happy to inaugurate our second and largest facility in India. Mane has been growing steadily and significantly in the Indian fragrance and flavor market. To support this journey, we have expanded our presence and Dahej is one of the conducive locations for any manufacturing business to grow and thrive in the Indian market. Dahej was strategically the right move for us to expand our footprint in the country. The availability of skilled manpower and accessibility of raw material suppliers are also some of the other key factors that played a critical role in our entry into Gujarat. Depending on the demand, we will continue to invest in the plant and ramp up our capacity in the near future,” said Sumit Dasgupta, Managing Director, Mane India Pvt Ltd.

He further added, “This is yet another strategic initiative by Mane India that will certainly be a differentiator in this segment with varied applications, infrastructure, and human capital which will create business dynamics and ensure measurable success along with a positive growth story. Our Innovation Centre has all the facilities where customers can explore the varied categories of Flavors, Innumerable times of trials can be undertaken, prepare pilot batches to run the experiments, and can taste the end applications as well.”

The new plant at Dahej is equipped with several new-age facilities like an HVAC system with EC Fan, energy valve, heat exchanger, and more. The plant is poised to be a sustainable facility with a registration of a 25 percent reduction in overall power and energy demand. The plant will be producing high-quality Liquid types of fragrances and flavors which will be at par with other global Mane manufacturing plants.

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The Innovation Centre in Hyderabad will have two divisions, Sweet and Savoury. The Sweet division has four categories – Bakery, Dairy, Confectionery, and Beverages and the Savoury division has three categories – Snacks, Culinary and Frozen food. The two divisions will be highly efficient in catering to clients present across the country. All categories have their own designated lab for creation, application, and tasting.


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