Madhur Pure and Hygienic Sugar introduces its new films to celebrate the pure joy of eating. Launched with the tagline ‘Taaki Mithaas Khilti Rahe’, the brand, via the initiative named ‘Madhur Pal’ strives to identify, celebrate and share every sweet, relatable moment of their patron’s day-to-day life.

With ‘packaged and sealed’ products gaining significance in 2021, the brand has moved a step forward to ensure the best hygiene, purity and safety with regard to products, deeply rooted with the values of the 5S guarantee – Safed, Shuddh, Samaan, a Sulphur-free process and Surakshit.

The campaign takes wing with the launch of three films, each centered on lovable micro-moments between loving families. The films star Ansha Sayed who brings in her carefree, loving and confident personality to diligently unveil a plethora of moments that we’ll all surely relate to.

The campaign also includes an open call that urges the users to share their own moments with a vision to underscore their user’s very own stories as thumb-stoppers all year round. The campaign also has famous personalities such as Krystle D’Souza, Sanaya Irani and her husband Mohit Sehgal.

Expanding across the digital ecosystem to also become a part of instant snackable content bites flawlessly integrated into our user’s OTT and online content viewing experience. The strategy behind it being three fold – Drive awareness through the films, build consideration related with pertinent influencers and ultimately offering countless occasions to users to celebrate everyone’s sweet tooth in the family.

Dr Satbir Sindhu, president, marketing and OD of Madhur Sugar has expressed his contentment with the campaign stating- “Madhur Sugar has been a loved product with homemakers for decades. They understand the significance of good health and happiness. The TVC includes in the joy of family time spent together, particularly after the distressing days after the COVID-19 pandemic. Health and hygiene has become the key focus, especially for the old-age individuals and children. We are putting in efforts to bring to Indians the joy of eating unadulterated and hygienic sweets, cooked at home, in the comfort of family time. Madhur Sugar presents you the purity of sweetness time and again.”

Chaaya Baradhwaaj, founder and MD, BC Web Wise declared- “This campaign encompassed everyday moments that become that much more gleeful with the way these occasions play out. We have looked at experiences that not just the audience but all of us could easily feel connected to, with sugar being a basic ingredient of not just the recipe but these joyous moments. The genuineness with which we have captured these engaging moments makes this a winning campaign for us as it goes so well with what the brand stands for along with the space that these sugar-filled moments hold in the audience’s heart.”


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