LuLu Group has announced that it will start the trials of sourcing ginger from the state of Assam. The company will be starting trials of 150 MTs of ginger sourced from Assam within the next fortnight.

During International Buyer-Seller Meet (IBSM) held on March 10 in Guwahati, the state’s agriculture and horticulture sector displayed a wide range of their products to importers from Sri Lanka, Dubai, Bangladesh, Oman, the Netherlands, Singapore, and Greece.

The goal of the IBSM was to promote the exports of potential agricultural and processed food products from Assam and other north-eastern states and provide market linkage to the global producers.

Commenting on the announcement, Mr. Zulfikar, Director of LuLu Group said, “Due to the positive approach of the Assam government and APEDA, the multinational conglomerate company has decided to start trials of sourcing ginger from Assam.”

Once the trials are completed, LuLu Group will finalise the long-term agreements with support from the state government and the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA).

The meet hosted importers from Greece, Singapore, the Netherlands, Oman, Bangladesh, UAE and Sri Lanka. Fresh fruits and vegetables, processed food products, black rice, red rice, pulses, maize, biscuits, cookies, and bakery products, honey, dairy products, and processed meat were on display.

Besides coffee spices and organic tea, the Agriculture Department of Assam will also support trade and tie up FPOs with all exporters and importers present in the IBSM. Also, during recent times, APEDA has been continuously tapping the export prospects of horticulture products in the international market with buyers.

The International Buyer-Seller Meet is expected to create a huge clientele from Oman, the Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Greece, the UAE, and Bangladesh sourcing the vast untapped potential of North Eastern products.


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