LP Logiscience, the warehousing and contract logistics arm of the 100-year-old legacy brand, Liladhar Pasoo, has become one of the leading storage partners of choice in the specialty chemicals industry, with 60,000 metric tonnes of storage for top brands in the sector. Under the sector, LP Logiscience currently caters to some prominent names in the Paints, Lubricants & additives, Raw materials for Food and Pharma, Industrial Chemicals, Paint and Coating Industry, Laboratory Chemicals, Packaging & Adhesive and Fertilizers & Pesticides Industry and is also one of the largest warehousing partners for the paint and allied industries in western India.

LP Logiscience was established a decade ago as the warehousing and transportation business arm of the legendary Liladhar Pasoo group and today handles warehousing space equivalent to 3 million sqft. across its Grade A complaint warehouses, with a reach of 7000+ distribution pin codes PAN India. Since its inception, LP Logiscience has registered an impressive growth, growing at the rate of 20%-25% YoY.

Varun Gada - Director LP Logiscience
Varun Gada, Director, LP Logiscience

Speaking about achieving this milestone and the brands growth plans, Varun Gada, Director, LP Logiscience stated – “We at LP Logiscience understand the stringent need for safety and adherence to protocol required for a variety of Speciality Chemicals and are committed to adhere to the highly regulated protocols, practices and documentations required to ensure safety and compliance. Our multi-client facilities are effectively supported with a strong tech-enabled operation and offer the latest and industry leading compliance and safety features in the warehouse. Our consistent efforts towards efficiency and commitment to service have today made us the largest storage partner of choice for Paints and Allied industries in Western India. We have also recently been awarded the Asian Paints Suraksha Sarvopari Safety Campaign 2022-23 in recognition for our commitment to safety and creating a secure work environment by Asian Paints, one of our esteemed clients! We are extremely honoured for the long-standing relationship with our clients and are grateful for the trust they have put in us.”

LP Logiscience has been aggressively driving tech integration and adoption of green practices by leveraging renewable energy source like solar power for operations and rain water harvesting. CNG vehicle deployment for last mile deliveries Is also planned so as to reduce carbon footprints through greener modes of transportation. Additionally, along with standard WMS features like inventory accuracy, inventory visibility and traceability and location management, LP Logiscience has also created its own customized solutions for their operations and a few industry-specific solutions. Additionally, all their warehouses are cloud connected, including hand held terminals which are used for all warehouse processes and have a plethora of tech features.

With a strong business model supported by an IT backbone, LP Logisciece warehouses offer customization and flexibility, where clients can continue to enjoy the superior services while only paying for the storage volume and throughput, which has now become the natural extension of LP Logiscience’s business model. Over the next 5 years, LP Logiscience aims to further accelerate digital adoption, expand the geographical reach and build State of the Art warehousing facilities across the country, keeping in mind a growth target of a CAGR of 30%.


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