Loma Systems, a global leader in inspection technologies for food quality and safety, has unveiled its latest addition to the X5 X-ray inspection series – the X5 SideShoot, designed and engineered specifically for the inspection of taller products.

Read: November 2022 Issue of Food InfoTech Magazine.

According to the company’s release – The X5 SideShoot is designed to inspect from the side and is suitable for a variety of taller food products. This includes items such as yoghurts, confectionary, snacks, cookies and products packaged in lightweight cans or jars. The side view x-ray system system features a 150 mm wide belt and is capable of offering excellent detection of a wide range of contaminants including all metals, glass, stone and dense plastics, dependent on the product.

The X5 SideShoot includes all of the standard features from the X5 range, including a higher power X-ray generator, and is designed to attract a low total cost of ownership resulting from simplified annual maintenance regimes.

The reliable heavy duty conveyor components, built for 24/7 operation with password protective set-up comes integrated with a Windows 10 PC with Ethernet and front access USB port.

Side View X-ray System for Food Inspection: System images taller products from the side to provide contaminant inspection as well as product integrity checking such as volume.

Fully enclosed CCP solution with integrated reject: All in one system with optional retail compliance options, the X5 SideShoot offers complete control and removes risks. Reject options include pushers or a diverter.

Get inspecting fast with LOMA’s product learn wizard: A set-up wizard automatically optimises the X5 SideShoot for each product type and allows you to learn or switch to new products within minutes.

Loma Systems are constantly developing technology, including specific software algorithms and engineering solutions to address the challenges of tall profile packages. The X5 SideShoot system can inspect product packaging up to 265mm in height, including plastic bottles, glass jars with metal lids, aluminum cans, plastic tubs and pots, tetra pack cartons, cardboard cans and tubes.

“As the food and packaging market evolves, there is an increasing demand to offer more innovative solutions to our customer’s challenges,” said Toby Kemp, LOMA’s Director of Marketing & Innovation. “The New X5 SideShoot has been specifically designed and engineered to help our customers deliver new packaging technologies, successfully inspect products that are taller versus width, promote sustainability and enhance food safety.”


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