Global temperature-controlled industrial REITs and integrated solutions provider, Lineage has recently opened its new Central Eastern European Headquarters in Warsaw, Poland. The new office reinforces Lineage’s presence in the region, after the company’s acquisition and rebranding of Pago Sp. z o.o. (“Pago”), a leading warehousing, distribution and transport logistics provider in Poland in 2020.

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The opening of our Central Eastern European Headquarters move solidifies Lineage’s focus on streamlining Europe’s food supply chain, presenting customers with a comprehensive solution for transporting their products across Europe and beyond, significantly improving operational efficiencies. Leveraging cutting-edge cold chain solutions and a strategically positioned network of facilities in pivotal European ports, such as Spain, Italy, and France, Lineage aims to optimize the movement of food products within the temperature-controlled supply chain.

“The opening of the new Warsaw office marks a significant commitment to Central Eastern Europe, and surrounding regions,” stated Harld Peters, President of Lineage Europe. “The opening of the Warsaw office is the latest step in empowering us to elevate service standards and bolster capabilities in the temperature-controlled supply chain, serving customers across Europe.”

“As Poland stands as the sixth largest food producer in the European Union, our network in this region will offer customers access to a developed market with cutting-edge technologies,” Harld Peters added.

“Our office in Warsaw reflects Poland’s pivotal role as the gateway to Central Eastern Europe and a crucial market for produce movement in Europe,” highlighted Daniel Chudzik, Regional Vice President Operations, Central & Eastern Europe at Lineage. “It enables us to better address our customers’ requirements and efficiently connect them to the global market.”

Presently, Lineage operates a robust network of over 70 cold chain facilities in 11 countries in Europe, including six facilities in Poland.


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