LiL’ Goodness, seeks to transform the lives of 100 million kids in India with healthy eating habits. The company is established as the ‘daily dose of goodness’ for kids and their families through its products which provide solution to two major problems.

The Bengaluru based start-up went live online and offline, roughly about a year ago. It has three major product lines. Anytime savoury snacks which are multigrain puffs, veggie crackers made with real veggies, super-grain teff, no trans-fat, no palm oil, no added colours or preservatives. The veggie crackers were unveiled in May 2020, the multigrain teff puffs were introduced in March 2021. The second is mainly a sweet snack containing prebiotic chocolates. The third is the B12 jaggery, teff grain, which can be combined with the daily diet regime.

Harshavardhan, co-founder & CEO, Lil’ Goodness, and Pariksha Rao, co-founder and chief nutrition officer, Lil’ Goodness described- “The first products were placed on the shelves in March 2020 and then for 2 months we were figuring out supply chain issues due to the lockdown and its subsequent impact. Since then we have scaled significantly, including reaching best seller status on Amazon, where we were amongst the Top 20 for chocolates in February”.

“We wanted to address the fussy eating behaviour of kids. They needed variety, change and yummy options whereas parents want healthy. Yet another challenge sighted was that in India at least 100 million kids are affected with nutritional deficiencies of Vitamin B, C, D, Minerals: Zinc, Calcium, Iron, protein deficiency and excess of unhealthy fats and carbs,” both of them further informed.

“Our products have got the acceptance from consumers and especially kids. At least 86% of our consumers are families with kids & teens. We are present on Amazon, Big Basket and Flipkart- with Amazon and Big Basket being major sales drivers. We re-launched our website in March 2021 and that has yielded fantastic results for us- the sales matching or sometimes even better sales from e-commerce websites. We have scaled 25x over the past 12 months, the recent lockdowns have accelerated our digital sales,” stated Harshavardhan.

“All our products are designed to bring a daily dose of goodness which are micro and macro nutrients through the snacks kids and their families eat. Prebiotic chocolates are the best performers in our category. The recently launched B12 jaggery is the fastest growing. In fact we have a pre-order queue for about 3 weeks, because we went out of stock selling out within 40 days of launch,” apprised Rao.

Harshavardhan concluded- “What differentiated our channel strategy was our offline presence. Even in the middle of Covid, we built an offline presence in ~ 200 stores- there has been a slowdown due to the impact of lockdowns on stores, but this remains a strong channel of growth for the future.”


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