Life Health Foods (India) Pvt. Ltd., an acclaimed connoisseur in the health beverage segment, unveils their new brand So Good protein+, dairy-free plant-based milk. The new delicious So Good Protein+ Soy beverage delivers what the brand vows to deliver to its patrons.

So Good Protein+ Soy beverage range is “SO GOOD IN 5 WAYS”! Fortified with 1/4th more protein than any regular soy milk additive and regular milk from the market. It’s an absolute first and great choice for health-conscious consumers. Being gluten and lactose free it’s sufficient and salubrious to be the best in segment.Not only it is fortified with essential vitamins but it does not have any cholesterol either. So Good Protein+ soy beverage range includes original unsweetened, café latte and deluxe chocolate, which are available in both 1L and 200ml formats.

Apart from that, company brings new Protein+soy beverage, the popular almond fresh range of almond milk available in 200ml and 1 L pack in stores, serves to be perfect mate for your gastronomic adventure and health-go drink as well.

Mr. Rohit Bhagat, Business Head, Life Health Foods (India) Pvt. Ltd., says, “We at Life Health Foods have been always encouraging people to move to healthier options such as plant-based milk. So Good Protein+ has 25 percent more protein than toned milk or regular soy milk, giving it the edge. Soy Protein is very healthy for consumption and has abundance of Calcium and Amino acids which are essential for muscle recovery and development. It offers a well-rounded nutritional punch for all lovers of health drinks. We understand the needs of today’s health-conscious Indian consumer and strongly believe in providing a great combination of good taste and health benefits at an affordable price.”

Health and medical experts always vows on the fact that both protein and calcium goes well with the gut biota and helps ameliorating the body metabolism. They zooms the good bacteria and its niche along with the body building characteristics of protein, the soy milk and protein helps the body conscious patrons to blaze their muscles all the way. Given lactose intolerance, company went quite thoughtful and curated So Good Protein+ or Almond Fresh. That will not only help them to rejoice but also clarifies the clutter that milk imposes on them owing which they generally do away with it.

With the launch of So Good Protein+, Life Health Foods becomes one of the biggest players in the category of ready-to-drink dairy alternatives and though a niche segment currently, the category of non-dairy alternatives is growing at the rate of 20% year on year. There is growing interest and opportunity in this category. We look forward to continuing to innovate and produce products for India and around the world.

So Good Protein+ Original Soy MilkSo Good Almond Fresh Natural Almond milk
25% more protein*High source of calcium
High source of calcium40% less calories than skim milk
50% Lower fat than toned dairy milkGluten & lactose free
Gluten free & lactose freeFortified with essential vitamins
Zero cholesterol & no preservativesZero cholesterol & no preservatives
*Than Soy Milky Original


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