After the immense success of the Rollery, a gourmet rolls brand, Licorne Hospitality is now planning to launch two more cloud kitchen brands.

Brand I : Lattu Biryani
A brand with an unusual take on biryanis. It main focus will be on regional biryanis and will not go with the cast in stone model of Lucknowi and Hyderabadi biryanis only. From biryanis influenced by Telangana village to wazwan kitchens of Kashmir, the brand will bring regional delights to the customers.

It has unveiled its pre-launch campaign where it is inviting consumers to co-create the brand elements. As a return, customers can get an inside scope to the behind the scene stories, chef talks, invitation to events and food trials.

Debashish Yadav, CEO of Licorne Hospitality stated- “We want our patrons to experience the brand journey. We are leveraging technology to associate directly with our consumers. The patrons are actually ecstatically happy especially after they witnessed our commitment to quality with our existing gourmet rolls brand, the Rollery. Many of our customers from The Rollery have logged in for pre-launch of Lattu.”

Brand II : Pizzeria by Reve
A gourmet pizza brand which is a subsidiary of the successful and chic European bistro, Reve, in Aerocity, Delhi. While the company’s restaurant rollout plan is intact, it is also adding this pizzeria brand to its basket to fill the gourmet pizza segment in the market.

Debashish Yadav, Licorne Hospitality mentioned- “Reve is an upscale European bistro which will be diversified to 5 more locations in Delhi NCR and urban markets like Bengaluru and Mumbai. Our plans for restaurant rollouts went off track due to the coronavirus pandemic. We had to cancel a lease for an alluring food hub in Gurugram. We are revitalizing our plans. It may get postponed by a year or so but ultimately, we will take Reve bistro to other markets.”

The brand menu is being designed by a team of culinary experts and chefs from Europe under the tutelage of Ishan Yadav, who is the culinary head for the group and has received his training in culinary arts from the well-known Le Cordon Bleu, London.

Ishan Yadav, culinary head of Licorne Hospitality declared- “We are launching Pizzeria by Reve due to customers’ demand for gourmet food at home. Takeaway orders for pizza from our restaurant are a motivation for us. We get a number of customer’s contacting us for home delivery including a lot of expat crowds. We felt it was only right to curate a pizza brand out of Reve to bring the European cuisine at home. Our focus will be on Sicilian and Neapolitan pizzas.”


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