Levista Coffee has set up its fourth warehouse in Coimbatore, after Kushal Nagar in Coorg, within its factory, Chennai and Bengaluru. The facility will assist in reaching the distributors, retailers and consumers.

At present, the strategically located Coimbatore warehouse caters to 30 districts across Tamil Nadu from Hosur in the north to Tirunelveli in south, which comprises the largest coffee consuming states in the nation.

Furthermore, the Bengaluru-based company has bolstered its store presence by 3 times in Karnataka and by 2.5 times in Tamil Nadu. The distribution strength has been increased by 50% to reach 450 active partners across Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Chittoor, Goa, Nellore, Puducherry, Trivandrum Districts and numerous more in the pipeline.

In addition to building strong distribution system, the brand was equally aimed towards brand building throughout 2020. The company has been investing on advertising and marketing ever since its inception but during the past fiscal year, they modified their approach. On the advertising front the brand shifted its focus to the eminent vernacular news channels which had seen a considerable spike in their viewership, thanks to the through the day ‘Breaking News’ segment.

The brand further partnered with Chennai Super Kings and Big Boss (Tamil and Kannada) amassing significant eyeballs and mind share for the brand resulting in a strong support from the distributor community thus leading to an increment in shelf space and sales.

“We have broadened our retail presence, share of shelf in kitchens and sales by leaps and bounds during the past 11.5 months – 1st – 14th April, 2020 was a complete nationwide lockdown. We are deeply thankful to our customers, ecosystem partners, distributors and retailers, to the staff and their families who have put in a mind-boggling effort to achieve this victorious journey. However, I consider that we have just begun,” stated S Shriram, vice president of Levista Coffee.

“The brand has also witnessed a significant rise in demand in the online space. It surged by around 3 times on Big Basket as consumers shifted away from store visits to digital shopping. This increment has further driven the brand to launch its own e-commerce platform and is planning to garner 1% of their FY 21-22 sales to come from their own portal,” he further added.


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