SÜDPACK received the Lean & Green Management Award for Excellent Strategy Implementation on October 19, 2023 during the Lean&Green Summit. Tharcisse Carl, COO of SÜDPACK, Pascal Bader, Head of the LEAN Division, and Lisa-Marie Schmidberger, Project Manager CSR & Sustainability, accepted the award in Pfronten. They also gave the guests insights into SÜDPACK’s sustainable efficiency strategy in a best-practice presentation.

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The Lean & Green Management Award has been awarded annually since 2012. It is an opportunity for “Companies with 150 or more employees to obtain a sustainability and lean management rating and to learn from the best.” The Technical University of Munich and the Technical University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt provide scientific analyses for the award. An independent jury of representatives from science/technology, business and media examines candidates in three-hour assessments, supported by management consultancy T&O (www.tundo.de). The analysis also draws on answers provided by the participating enterprises to questions about their sustainability and lean management strategies.

“We’re absolutely delighted to have won the special award for Excellent Strategy Implementation this year. The prize confirms that we’re on the right track with our sustainable efficiency strategy. It boosts our motivation to achieve even more improvements along the entire value chain,” stated Tharcisse Carl during the awards ceremony on October 19, which this year took place at DMG MORI in Pfronten.

The goal of SÜDPACK’s sustainable efficiency policy is the continuous optimization of both ecological and business efficiency. The strategy creates a frame-work for closed-loop systems, climate protection and social responsibility. Tharcisse Carl emphasized that “Lean production, sustainable products and processes and responsible use of our resources have always been priorities at SÜDPACK.”

Lean management is a key component of the concept. The successful application of lean methods and tools, such as policy deployment, shopfloor management, PMO (project management office) as well as Six Sigma means the company can define and effectively pursue goals in every category.


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