In the run up to this year’s Valentine’s day, Lay’s, has introduced a notable and unusual digital campaign asking fans across the nation to share their ‘Relationchip’ status. Named as “What’s Your #Relationchip Status?”, this campaign focusses to get engaged with pan-nation fans using the two recently-launched limited-time flavours, Lay’s Herby Crush and Lay’s Cheesy Love, in unique and interactive manner.

As part of the initiative, the company has introduced an engaging and distinct augmented reality filter on Instagram, which allows users to find out their relationship – or rather ‘relationchip’ – status in an amusing and enjoyable way. Whether one is single, committed, in a long distance or complicated relationchip – patrons can find out their ‘status by simply giving answers of some ‘herby’ and ‘cheesy’ questions on the novel interactive filter.

The filter makes use of gestures to present fans with a series of quirky questions and two options for them to select from. The users choose the preferred option by nodding their head to select their desired answers. As the questionnaire ends, the filter will disclose the ‘relationchip’ status of the user.

Additionally, the company is also engaging with more than 3000 micro influencers and make lively the manifesto of ‘What’s Your #Relationchip Status? ‘on social media.  Taking hint from the one-of-a-kind hampers shared with them, influencers will exhibit their ‘relationchip’ status using the new flavours with their loved ones and followers.

Shailja Joshi, Associate Director, Potato Chips Category, PepsiCo India sared her views by stating- “After making our consumers excited with the launch of Lay’s Herby Crush and Lay’s Cheesy Love, we were further motivated to assort and design a memorable experience leading up to Valentine’s Day. The modern day youths feel rejoiced in expressing and sharing their feelings on social media platforms. Trying to be a part of their celebrations, we at Lay’s are thrilled to bestow some interactive ways to them for sharing their ‘relationchip’ status with the world – with the help of the AR filter along with the limited edition flavours. We anticipate that consumers across the nation will enjoy these creativities and celebrate this Valentine’s Day in a really ‘herby’ and ‘cheesy’ way.”

This innovative drive has witnessed an engagement of 5 million, reaching 12 million people till now.


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