Laïta Nutrition, the brand owned by Laïta Dairy Cooperative eyes major shift towards plant based nutritional ingredients as recent strategy. Company strategize this major shift in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, where FBOs register ratcheting demand of plant based food to support nutritional requirements of patrons. Being a Dairy brand Laïta walks a new mile of excellence, with shift.

Health conscious consumers, being in front, are driving the need of plant based food alternatives which is a score-able region, companies are willing to hit. Huge demand for food and beverages are because of consumers’ keen interest in drooping taste with all the essentials for boost in health.

The market for plant-based proteins represents nearly €10 billion around the world, with expected growth of about 7% over the forecast period. The FAO estimates a 40% increase in world protein demand by 2030. Plant-based food sales are outpacing total retail food sales which is 35% faster than total retail food.

M. Lucot, Laïta nutrition marketing manager, said, “We are a dairy cooperative, first and foremost. We do have several markets, however, and the expertise of our Health Division lies in formulating complex products. We must therefore explore every available ingredient. As a formulator, we have developed strong expertise in adapting to any ingredients. We have done a lot of work on the selection of raw materials, and are very active in studying new ingredients that can be tested in our formulas. Today, we are able to come up with formulas containing plant-based proteins of many origins, while maintaining functional and organoleptic stability in our finished products.”

The difference between plant-based proteins is the taste and quality of the proteins added to the formulas. With vegetable proteins, the field of possibilities is infinite (soya, lupin, lentils, rice, corn, hemp). The company applies a European origin policy for the vegetable proteins in its range.


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