Avery Dennison is a global materials science and manufacturing company that is engaged in designing and manufacturing a broad variety of labelling and functional materials. The company has been offering an array of branding and information labelling solutions that also include pressure-sensitive materials, RFID inlays and tags and a range of converted products and solutions.

In this exclusive conversation with Claus from Food Infotech, Saurabh Agarwal, Vice President & General Manager – LPM, South Asia, Avery Dennison shared a little on their recently established manufacturing facility at Greater Noida, including discussing about the recent innovations introduced by the company under the ‘Think Thin’ portfolio for the Indian Market, their efforts towards driving sustainability within the organization and more.

1. Would you start off by telling us more about your recently established manufacturing facility at Greater Noida and its operations?

Our Greater Noida facility is one of the biggest key milestones that we have achieved in our India business till date. With this facility, we have made a significant headway in expanding our footprint in India. Spread across 12 acres of land, this State-of-the-Art facility houses one of the finest infrastructure for us in India till date and practices Industry 4.0 at its core. This facility has seen an investment of more than INR 250+ crores for Avery Dennison in India, which takes our overall investment number to more than INR 1000 crores. This is a great testament to the potential that this region holds for our business globally.

2. Can you share with us a little about the current production capacity of your facility?

With this facility, our production capacity has been doubled and is well placed to serve the growing requirement of the Indian Market.

3. A little on the recent innovations brought in by your company and why you feel it would strengthen your company’s position in the Indian Market in the coming years?

We have made significant strides in advancing our approach in the areas of sustainability and digital solutions. These include RFID and NFC technologies that assist in inventory management, while providing an opportunity to create a more meaningful engagement driven experience at the customer’s end.

We have also launched a bunch of new products to mitigate the inflation challenge that the industry has experienced. The current range of products is showcased under our ‘Think Thin’ portfolio. Apart from this, we offer premium labelling solutions suited for varied range of substrates and a unique counterfeiting portfolio, which helps in enhancing supply chain efficiency.

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Along with this, we have also made several key advancements in enhancing customer experience by offering unique targeted services, which makes the customer journey a more holistic one with us. Whether it is order management, order tracking, technical assistance or complaint resolution, we try and offer a complete end-to-end solution to our customers.

All this put together coupled with our customer centric approach is what has helped us strengthen our position in the market over the years and it continues to be a critical factor for our journey ahead.

4. How encouraging is the market for Pressure Sensitive Materials in India today? A bit about the same for us.

India is one of the largest growing economies of the world. It is this very fact that makes it one of the most potential markets for pressure sensitive materials, as there are numerous growth opportunities that are unfolding themselves every day in the current scenario.

Furthermore, post the pandemic as well, we have observed a steep rise in customer demand, owing to changing customer consumption patterns in the Retail Market. It is quite amazing to notice the resilience that our economy and industry have shown. The impetus provided to more engaging and futuristic technologies driven label solutions such as RFID, security solutions, premium labeling solution and food labeling solutions is huge.

Over the years, the health and wellness segment has received a lot of attention and we saw growth in demand for several product categories like sanitizers, home cleaners, ayurvedic and organic products, etc. Some of them have continued to stay on and we are observing continued rise in demand in those categories. People’s habits and the need for on demand products or services have also seen to benefit a lot of startups and online business propositions. The penetration of digital payments (UPI) has also created some strong business opportunities in the ecosystem. The digital penetration in Tier II and Tier III cities has also opened up the demand for E-Commerce and has had a positive impact on the label ecosystem as well.

There is higher emphasis on supply chain tracking, inventory management and technology integration, in order to provide high grade food quality in the Retail Market and offer visibility to the end consumer on the compliance & viability of the product. All of these have created higher innovation avenues for technology integrated packaging solutions.

5. A bit on the challenges faced by your company in running its operations in India. Further, can you also let us know a few of the general challenges faced in the Indian Market by similar companies operating in this space?

I would like to respond to this a bit differently. As an organization culture, we do not see challenges, rather we see opportunities in challenges, (i.e.) opportunities to improve and build on our value proposition for the customers as well as for the Industry we belong to.

Since the inception of Avery Dennison India 25 years ago, when we had entered this market, we have tried to always challenge ourselves by constantly innovating to create a need for futuristic products and solutions. Our label stock solutions include a vast array of solutions for each and every Industry. From automotive solutions to anti-counterfeit solutions, premium labelling solutions, to more sustainable material solutions, to technology integrated solutions such as RFID or NFC, we have developed the expertize of catering to the exact needs of the customers, while leveraging global practices and learnings.

Our Innovation and Knowledge Centre (ADIKC) in Pune holds world class R&D capabilities, which enables us to cater to the customer needs and also to work alongside with them in order to develop new solutions for the Market. This facility also houses a full-fledged knowledge center, where we collaborate with Industry partners to impart training to our ecosystem. Till date, we have conducted various training sessions for all type of audiences – Brand owners, Converters, Converter’s workforce and students who aspire to join the Industry.

Avery Dennison - Mfg Facility, Greater Noida

Not only this, over the years, we have attained a stronger foothold in the Market by expanding our manufacturing footprint in India in 4 major cities, (i.e.) Pune, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Kolkata, including the latest facility at Greater Noida. All this is a result of the opportunities that this market has presented to us.

And, I am really proud to say that the team of people that make our organization has played a pivotal role in turning these opportunities into growth for our business.

Whether it is supply chain management, meeting customer expectations, providing customized innovation led solutions to customers or technical assistance, our team of experts have always ensured to keep a customer first attitude, which has been our strength over the years. Our customers have been our partners in our growth in India.

Not only this, while we strive to deliver better for our customers, we are also conscious of giving back to the community too. Over the years, we have led pivotal initiatives from the front, focused on education, skill development and women empowerment. All this put together has till date impacted more than 100,000+ lives in and around the cities we are present in.

Even during the pandemic, our team has ensured to reach out and help the communities by donating food and health infrastructure to the communities in collaboration with the Government Authorities.

In fact, I would say that we, as a team always focus on working towards a progressive future for our customers, brand owners, our partners and our communities. And that has been our success mantra to overcome any situation.

6. A little on Avery Dennison’s contribution towards sustainability.

Avery Dennison as an organization is deeply committed towards driving sustainability within. In order to keep a sharper focus on it, we have set our 2030 goals, which are:
● Deliver innovations that advance the circular economy;
● Reduce environmental impact in operations and supply chain; and
● Make a positive social impact by improving the livelihoods of people and communities.

Our 2030 ambitions include enabling all of our regions to have labels that contain recycled or renewable content, thereby enabling circularity. We continue to invest in industry collaborations like CELAB, to promote and deliver matrix and liner recycling globally.

Additionally, it also includes the following:

– Sourcing paper exclusively from responsibly-managed forests to help ensure a deforestation-free future;
– Reducing our 2018 baseline Scope 3 CHG emissions by 30% with an ambition of being net zero by 2050;
– Diverting our waste away from landfills, with a minimum of 80% of our waste recycled and the remainder either reused, composted or sent to energy recovery;
– Delivering a 15% increase in water efficiency at our sites that are located in high or extremely high risk countries;
– Fostering an engaged team and an inclusive workplace;
– Supporting the participation of our employees in Avery Dennison Foundation grants and foster the well-being of the communities in which we operate.

In India, apart from the sustainable solution driven portfolio such as ThinkThin Portfolio and many more, we have also launched recycling programs under AD Circular initiative.

Our newly launched liner and matrix recycling programs, in partnership with key sustainability partners helps us to drive our efforts more consciously. To know more about it, I would urge you to contact Avery Dennison team representative to get a better understanding of the same.

7. What can we expect to hear from Avery Dennison in 2023?

With the opportunities that this region presents, what I see in 2023 is more of progressive growth in areas like sustainability, premium labeling solutions, security solutions, futuristic technologies such as RFID & NFC with a keen focus on enhancing and building on customer experience at any given touch point.

So stay tuned!


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