The festivals of Christmas and New Year hasten up the pleasurable, cheerful winter days even further. The mood and ambience of the celebrations, equates to luxurious feasts with some lavish dishes and sweet courses. This is the time to immerse in some flavourful satisfying delicacies and keep going with the festive ethos surrounding us.

To make this ecstatic spell more gleeful, is sleighing the celebration time with mouth-watering novelty dishes and desserts for an unmatched and unique Christmas and New Year feast menu. The Laa Mozarellla cafe is all-equipped to deliver an all new menu that is upbeat and jovial, with food items that are intoxicatingly comfortable, aromatic, tasty and flavourful. This unprecedented menu has been curated thoughtfully with an exuberant twist. This distinctively and pensively assorted menu will be available to spoil consumers from 23rd December, 2020 to 3rd January, 2021. Patrons can either dine-in to relish these extraordinary treats or can get them delivered easily right at their door steps.

Laa Mozarellla Cafe.


The Laa Mozarellla Cafe menu encompasses a generous and salubrious selection of a festive feast. Some of the signature dishes that can be enjoyed include- ‘Baked Chicken breast in honey brown sugar glaze (served with grilled mashed potatoes and roasted Brussels sprouts)’, ‘Char Grilled Baked Fish’, ‘Half Roast Chicken served with Honey Bar B Q sauce’, ‘Honey roasted duck serve with red wine juice’, ‘Italian Wood Fired Pizza’, ‘Prawn thermidor’, and, ‘Roasted turkey with mushroom in red wine sauce’, which will undoubtedly take your taste buds to a never-before gastronomic adventure.

Those having sweet-tooth can conclude their culinary celebration at the eve of these festivities with sweet treats such as- ‘Christmas tree muffins’, ‘Santa’s special dry nuts cake’, ‘The Red Velvet’, and ‘Tiramisu’.


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