Health is a state of complete mental and physical well-being. In today’s full of-stress scenario, wherein our body has manifested to be the greatest boon and our immunity to be the one safeguarding it. The contribution of food intake plays a crucial role in strengthening our body’s capability to heal. Following self-care guidelines and suggestions issued by the Ayush Ministry as preventive health measures for augmenting immunity amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Kwality Foods has released its new healthy muesli breakfast range.

The brand has taken the edge to introduce unique flavours such as- muesli enriched with turmeric, honey; crunchy muesli with almonds, raisins and honey and muesli mixed fruit. All the three flavours have no trace of refined sugar. The products are full of goodness and immunity-building prowess of years old ingredients and 100% natural contents.

Naresh Pagariya, MD of Pagariya Food Pvt. Ltd. declared- “Our vision is to launch new healthy products having their roots still based on our philosophy of nutritious health and wellness. Since its establishment, Kwality Foods has aimed on maintaining a high level of flavorful and budget products for our consumers.”

The product is enriched with natural health benefitting ingredients. Curcumin-containing turmeric is a flavonoid that maintains a robust immune response, thereby assisting in general well-being. Since ages, ginger has been used for the treating a number of ailments, including nausea, colds, migraines, arthritis, and hypertension. Honey is also a good source of antioxidant, with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. As a healthier substitute, all products contain cane jaggery, in place of refined sugar. Jaggery has several other beneficial functions like- preventing anemia, boosting immunity, cleansing the body and curing flu-like symptoms. Every product confines the essence of a true, healthy Indian breakfast within itself ready to cater both adults and children in a similar way.

“The new launch by Kwality Foods is packed with a unique mélange of healthy and tasty ingredients. The three products are capable of providing a healthy and nutritious kick to the start of your day vowing to be bliss for every family member. Also, the key unique selling proposition (USP) of the entire range is its all-natural ingredients and no use of artificial colors or preservatives, while also being suitable for the modern Indian palate,” Dheeraj Jain, Director of Pagariya Food Pvt. Ltd. informed.

With this release, the company becomes the one of the foremost Indian brands to have the broadest range of breakfast cereals. It also proffers choco flakes, corn flakes, fruit rings, fills and other varieties of muesli among many other options.

The new cereals are all ready to hit Amazon and Flipkart and will also be available in various modern trade and brick and mortar stores shortly. The 400gm carton of turmeric, honey and ginger muesli costs Rs 299. The resalaeable 700gm pouch crunchy muesli and mixed fruit muesli versions costs Rs 399 each.




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