Kurkure has unveiled two limited-time innovations – Out of Control Chaat and Uncensored Tadka flavours that deliver a burst of surprising sensations. These two quirky flavours are focussed at deepening consumer connect and driving incrementality.

Internal research done from a consumer perspective has revealed that consumers are now more interested to try novel snacks and discover new tastes. There is also an increment in consumers’ shift towards credible brands for new innovative flavours and distinct experiences. Serving to this consumers demand for new flavours, Kurkure has introduced two innovative limited-time offerings (LTOs) which perfectly typify the spirit of the Kurkure brand of imparting a spark of ‘quirky masti’ to daily lives of its patrons.

The flavours are mouth-watering and bring surprising sensations that not only give rise to unpredictable moments but also make quotidian situation full of joy and entertainment.

Talking about the launch of the new campaign, Bhagyashree Navare, associate director and category head – Kurkure and cheetos, PepsiCo India, atated- “Kurkure is an iconic, Indian snack brand that continues to lead and disrupt the salty snacks category in India with its distinct product offerings and quirky storytelling. Kurkure has always been about transforming boring ordinary moments to entertaining moments. Our research has shown that consumers expect innovation from Kurkure, they love discovering different taste experiences. Inline, Kurkure’s two new limited-time innovations – Out Of Control Chaat and Uncensored Tadka flavours – offer a burst of unique sensations and unpredictable taste surprises to tantalise tastebuds and elevate the consumer experience. Our LTO campaign, is based on the insight that when you taste something truly lip smacking different from what you expect, you can react in unpredictable ways, making the situation full of fun and entertainment. With Kurkure Out of Control Chaat and Uncensored Tadka flavours, we want to give consumers more reasons to have ‘masti-bhare’ mischievous moments with their friends and family.”


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