Kraft Peanut Butter has recently launched a solution for the all-too-common woe of running out of the beloved spread. Powered by AI technology, the innovative platform allows users to use their mobile device to scan the scraping marks at the bottom of nearly empty jars of peanut butter, similar to a QR code, to get a free jar of Kraft Peanut Butter delivered that same day through Skip Express Lane.

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As a beloved Canadian brand for nearly 20 million Canadians1, it understands the disappointment when fans open one of its jars, only to find it nearly empty with just a few spoonfuls of spread remaining. As 52 percent of Canadians feel sad when they run out of peanut butter2, they can now enjoy a taste of convenience and their favorite spread.

“As a brand that strives to spread comfort that nourishes the souls of Canadians, part of our mission is to connect with peanut butter enthusiasts in culturally relevant ways — such as bridging the gap between food and technology,” states Stephanie Goyette, Head of Marketing and Strategy at Kraft Heinz. “Our latest campaign is a prime example of a convenient, consumer-first innovation disrupting the way Canadians replenish their spreads.”

Kraft Peanut Butter’s AI-supported tool turns the unique design of nearly empty peanut butter jars into a unique QR code. Canadians can visit and simply open the camera on their mobile device to scan the pattern at the bottom of any peanut butter jar, just like you would a QR code. The AI technology will recognize the nearly empty jar of peanut butter and allow a limited number of Canadians to order a new, full jar for free through Skip Express Lane — a delivery service from SkipTheDishes. Skip Express Lane has 22 locations across Canada and offers an extensive menu of over 1,500 everyday essentials in 25 minutes or less.

“As a proud Canadian brand, we’re thrilled to be extending our promise of convenience to Kraft Peanut Butter lovers across the country through Skip Express Lane,” states Rachel MacAdam, Vice President of Marketing at SkipTheDishes. “Skip Express Lane helps to bring over 1500 grocery and household essentials, including Kraft Peanut Butter directly to consumers’ doorsteps.”


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