We all have to make a healthy decision regarding what we select to eat. Thankfully, there’s Kokos Natural that is altering the game. Established by Anuja Jadhav and Chirag Aggarwal, the brand gathers and vends off a wholesome range of organic substitute ingredients, produced by farmers across the nation.

Their motto is simple – substitute ingredients over alternative foods. It all began when the founders, Jadhav, who holds a master’s degree in marketing, and Chirag Aggarwal, with MBA in finance, took the uncertain tread of resigning their well-salaried corporate jobs to assist farmers in selling wholesome, organic replacements to several daily food products. Their joint goal to teach and impart awareness regarding a healthy lifestyle gave birth to this outstanding drive.

“Consider a middle-aged man, say 50 years of age, has grown up having upma, poha, sheera and dosa for breakfast. Is it appropriate to ask him to suddenly substitute his breakfast with quinoa bowls, oatmeal, muesli or smoothie bowls? Here is where we give them a simpler plan so that they do not need to compromise on their preferred choices. Instead, use alternate ingredients with much healthier and more nutritious (Indian) replacements such as raw banana flour, organic coconut sugar and Himalayan pink salt, cassava flour, beetroot powder etc.,” describes Jadhav.

Adopting sustainable practices wherever possible, they have faith in doing well by doing good. Their research needed numerous tours across Indian states and long communicaions with farmers, who immerse their heart and soul to produce organic sugar and raw banana flour. “Our Indian farmers have been working hard to supply us with the most natural and nutritious produce and we, as a society, must improve and strengthen the farmer community as much as we can,” asserts Aggarwal.
Observing each other’s passion and determination, they planned to collaborate with each other and work jointly.

Currently, the brand collects and vends off alternative healthier products like Organic Coconut Sugar, Raw Banana Flour, Cassava Flour, Himalayan Pink Salt, Beetroot Powder and Supergreen Powder that are a nutrient-rich replacement to their processed counterparts. They are also planning to launch their new products such as Coconut Flour which has coconut meat that’s dried and ground into a flour and Immunity Powder that comprises of turmeric, tulsi, amla, dried ginger, fennel seeds, giloy and cinnamon. Gluten-free, keto-friendly and effective for boosting immunity, our hunt for the best organic Indian products terminates right here!


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