On National Consumer Rights Day, the Sattvik Council of India is not only emphasizing the impact that our food would have on our body, but also the impact it would have on the environment. The Sattvik team firmly believes that you should “Know what you eat, no matter what you eat” and this is not simply restricted to vegetarian food, but applicable for all lifestyles and diet preferences.

Recently, due to how accessible short-form content is about diets, the team has been able to observe a new culture when it comes to fad diets and the lack of research that goes into such diets. This is just an example of how people often do not completely research on what they consume. The Sattvik Council believes that research and how information is disseminated is a basic right and they’re making it easier to provide access to this knowledge.

The Sattvik Council of India helps certify establishments with a vegetarian certificate. This certificate not only ensures that the food that they’re making is vegetarian, but the environment they’re making it in is 100% vegetarian friendly. Factors such as hygiene, where the utensils are being washed, if it shares a common space with non-veg food and so on are big tell-tale signs of a place being Sattvik approved. They are mainly doing this because, if people prefer to consume vegetarian food, they must have the assurance that it is vegetarian in every sense of the word.

Additionally, they also want to emphasize that our food consumption habits can have a major effect on the environment. Eating vegetarian food is good for the environment and can lower the carbon footprint by leaps and bounds. This is why, by certifying an establishment as vegetarian, they also hope to spread awareness about conservation amongst restaurant-goers.

Abhishek Biswas, Founder of Sattvik Council of India states – “No matter what food people eat, they should know what goes into making it and how that food has further contributions to our body and the world. We hope that people exercise their rights to choice and information by being more aware.”


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