KitKat team is launching its biggest collaboration ever with the NEW KitKat packed with MILO – an iconic pairing bringing the global chocolate brand and MILO together for the ultimate Aussie break – according to the company’s press release.

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Set to satisfy all chocolate-lovers, KitKat packed with MILO combines the classic crisp wafer and smooth milk chocolate Australians know and love, with a delicious MILO choc-malt fudge filling. The new range will be available in three mouth-watering formats for your break – block, bar and chunky – each boasting a memorable MILO flavour.

Nestlé Head of Marketing (Confectionery), Joyce Tan said: “We’re beyond thrilled and proud to announce biggest ever collaboration with KitKat packed with MILO.”

“We know KitKat lovers are passionate about how they eat their chocolate and similarly, MILO fans have unique ways of enjoying their hot or cold MILO. So now, we can’t wait to see how Aussies enjoy their  chocolate packed with MILO!”

KitKat’s chocolate packed with MILO is available from late July available in three formats:  MILO Block (170g, RRP $5.00), MILO Bar (45g, RRP $2.00) and Chunky packed with MILO (47g, RRP $2.00. You can also pre-order now at KitKat Australia.

The perfect balance of chocolate and wafer, there’s a reason this global chocolate brand is enjoyed in more than 80 countries. The iconic brand is an international symbol for hitting the pause button on life – to enjoy a well-earned break.

In Japan alone, flavors include wasabi and sake – while the gift of a KitKat is customary for students sitting their exams. The country’s KitKat Chocolatory even lets you design your own dream chocolate.

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It is the first global chocolate brand to use 100% sustainably sourced cocoa through the Nestlé Cocoa Plan and Rainforest Alliance certified. Meaning there’s no reason not to pause… and enjoy a break.


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