India is a country of umpteen traditionalities and culture extempores. One such is “Karwa Chauth”. To serve the Karwa Chauth celebrating women delectably and healthily many firms lauch special thalis and packets.

Kitchen craft luxury, a catering service has introduced a healthier off-set of its religious food range called as ‘Karwa Chauth Meal Box” targeting the consumers observing Karwa Chauth.

This meal is well designed and decorated on considering all age-old rituals so that a mother-in-law will be offering her heart out to her daughter-in-law. In the box every eatable is well crafted keeping in mind the health and safety, as stuffed kulchas, Dal-e-kitchen and delicious fruit chaat. Coconut kheer and pistachio-Almond Mathi are the palatable deserts housed in the box.

Motive that seems to be aimed is to offer a hasslefree, pre-pepped combo to the observers that they can relish without even working for long in kitchens.

Chef Karann Talwar, managing director, Kitchen Kraft Luxury Catering, said, “It’s an honour and a sweet pleasure for us to launch the Karwa Chauth Meal Platter and have our patrons cherish the wonderful flavours of Kitchen Kraft. The occasion of Karwa Chauth is emblematic of the love that wives have for their husbands and hence fast all day to show that love. We, as pioneering luxury caterers and food connoisseurs, are doing our bit by ensuring that the women begin this auspicious day on a healthy note with good food.”

It will be delivered in the very morning at 4am and a box will serve two peoples at Rs. 2000 each.

Delivery persons as well as cooks are specially advised to look after the safety norms and ensure stringent hygiene in cooking, processing, packing and delivering to the customers.


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