What initially took over as a pivot-move is now catching attention and is taking the sector to newer levels of success. Majority of the customers are relishing regional food and cherishing the delicious treats that date back to cultural importance and monumental heritage. Similarly, several budding cooks and restaurateurs have let the global health crisis transform them into a passionate chef and showcase their cooking skills as they provide foodies with a feast to remember. One such marvel that emerges from Delhi is Khansaama.

As the name suggests it is emblematic of an expression of art, of finesse and of the gastronomic marvels that originated in the Mughal kitchens. Conceptualized by seventh-generation musician brothers Hafeez and Sameer Ahmed,  Khansaama provides genuine Mughlai cuisine to food aficionados straight from the Royal Bawarchi khaana. The brand targets to supply pure euphoria to a platter. Connecting with the origin of the food from far away land, the label takes its patron into a memorable expedition of Mughlai dishes. Delivering right away to customers’ doorstep across the city, it functions as the delivery kitchen based in Old Delhi.

The roots of Mughlai food date back to over five centuries. With the establishment of the Mughal Sultanat, India saw a cross-pollination of cultures and food became an inseparable part of that exchange. What came up was a cuisine that became a part of the newly formed Mughlai kitchens and has been acclaimed for its unique flavours since then.

The decay of the Mughal Empire witnessed a major shift in the socio-political fabric of India but the Mughlai food continued growing and in fact moved out of the royal kitchens to the streets of Shajahanabad, popularly known as Delhi. Serving authentic Mughlai cuisine, the place is known for its vintage vibe and flavorsome nostalgic bites. Carrying forward the flavours of Mughlai cuisine, the brand recruited a trio of Bawarchis catering to centuries-old lineage. The Chefs are trained enough to create magic with their recipes and skillset.

The brother-duo also travelled across the world to explore different cuisines, however the Mughlai food fascinated them the most.

During the lockdown, Hafeez and Sameer, residents of Delhi felt that there was a dire need to offer authentic Mughlai cuisine to the people of the capital and thus incepted it as their resort to widen the decades-old heritage into a kitchen-delivery label. The brothers strive to bring genuine Mughlai flavours back on the table and serve Purani Dilli’s heart on a platter. Hafeez and Sameer the seventh-generation classical musician brothers from Dilli Gharana has integrated their experience to create it and are working in partnership to deliver the best of all worlds to the food lovers at Khansaama.

The exhaustive menu of the Khansaama kitchen includes a wide array of Mughlai dishes ranging from Chicken and Mutton – Nihari to Biryani, Stew, Korma, Achari, Kebabs and other treats which also include Kheer and Shahi Tukda. Gathering fresh and healthy ingredients while processing them in original style with years-old traditional Mughlai recipes, it attempts to offer one-of-a-kind Mughlai dishes at the easement of customers’ homes.

Old Delhi is famous for its lineage of carrying forward the 400-the 500-year-old heritage of original Mughlai delicacies regardless of the modern-age snacks taking over the country. One of the factors that notching up the legacy of food is the khansaamas, who are acclaimed to be customary cooks, coming from genuine cuisine chefs from the olden times. Employing original cooks from typical bawarchi background and expertise, the label has made it a point to stay raw and immerse the patrons in the true spirit of Mughlai food.

Reaching out to the people of Delhi and surrounding regions, the label is creating new ambits of growth while upholding Mughlai cuisine’s authenticity.


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