KFC India’s Sahyog programme is formulated to support local and small food joints to revitalize their business as they try to quell the effects of pandemic. The programme will be implemented in partnership with Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) and National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI). The drive also includes the brand’s promise to offer entrepreneurial support to small food business owners, thus amplifying the progress of the Indian food industry.

Samir Menon, MD of KFC India informed- “As a prominent QSR brand in the nation, we are reinforcing local food businesses and assisting their entrepreneurial spirit forms an essential part of our devotion towards the community we function in. COVID-19 has resulted in harsh situations for the food and beverage industry and we have advanced a step towards aiding local food businesses to recuperate from its influence. KFC’s India Sahyog will back about 500 restaurants in boosting their businesses over the coming two years. This will eventually propel the progress of the restaurant industry.”

In the first phase, selected eateries across Delhi, Hyderabad and Bengaluru will be availed the specially framed training modules on several facets of the restaurant business. Formulated to assist participating restaurants in recovering their businesses, it encompasses training modules on Enhancing Sales and Customer Service, Food Safety, Hygiene, Improving Profitability, and Sanitation. Participants would be given a certification by FSSAI, NRAI and KFC India upon finishing of the modules.

Rita Teaotia, chairperson of FSSAI asserted- “NRAI and KFC India are collaborating together for this pensive campaign to help the restaurant sector during the ongoing global epidemic. Local restaurants across the country are an inseparable part of the urban economy. However, the elevated hardships because of the COVID-19 have greatly affected the food industry.”

“FSSAI is in support of NRAI KFC India’s Sahyog drive with specifically crafted modules for ameliorating food safety and sanitization. With its rollout, we are confident that local restaurants will better protect the health and safety of their consumers as well as working staffs,” she added.

Anurag Katiyar, president of NRAI declared- “Restaurants that are short of means or access to needful support, particularly in the unorganised sector, require the well-timed advise so that they can sustain through these harsh situations; else it’ll harm the entire industry. It is undoubtedly laudable of KFC India to consider a key issue as profitability, along with other basic facets of the restaurant business. KFC is acclaimed for following the best international processes and hygiene protocols across all its outlets. With their experience and our extensive network of restaurants, we will surely be able to assist a number of participating restaurant owners in recovering their businesses from the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic.”


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