Fast absorption, easy application and a perfect supplementation for those who refrain from taking pills and capsules are the key features one can bank in case of Sprayable supplements. A family owned, one of the leading firm in the sector, Suraksha Naturals has taken the step ahead to incorporate the unique Ayurvedic intricacies into development of the Sprayable supplements using their Keto veyda product line.

It is a legacy of Suraksha Naturals to bring certain Ayurvedic supplements on US retail surface. One has to inculcate lot of regularity and habits to own Ayurvedic practice and comes from a long practice. Ayurvedic practices often nudge to bead-up the link of body and mind providing a constant healthy and positive energy flow. Ayurveda always has stated that there is no particular diet for a person rather it varies person to person in a specific fashion.

Suraksha, Naturals conceptualised their Keto vedya product line that could source out maximum benefits for the person who are on ketogenic diet plan, if they follow the Ayurveda.
A new and compatible customary idea is always a magic that brings Suraksha Naturals in limelight and this time they are putting out an entire lineup of ketogenic and best Ayurvedic Sprayable herbs.

Sprayable elements are always taken sublingually due to lot of exposed blood vessels from where they can infuse into blood stream easily. In previous beta testing, Suraksha’s spray have sprouted itself in flying colours.

Current product lineup has B12 spray and a Sprayable supplement of antioxidant Glutathione in the category -Rejuvenation and Anti stress Spray.

Sprayable supplements are ready to consume and a happy go product in the health market, especially in America where more than 50% of elderly citizens are having difficulties in swallowing tablets and pills.

Suraksha Sprayable supplements is a new venture that will boost the accessibility of Ayurveda to the huge proportion of population. This will prove to be beneficial accordingly the personal requirements and lifestyle.


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